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Who are Zeus' brothers?

The brothers of Zeus were Poseidon and Hades. zeus is the youngest brother in control of the sky and the olympian gods, poseidon is the middle brother in charge of the sea dom (MORE)

Where can you find Zeus?

Zeus is the Greek god for lord of the sky. In the myths he is found on Mount Olympus in greece.
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Who were Zeus' associates?

Zeus's known associates were Hera, Artemis, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Demeter, and poiseidon and many many more. Or just look this up on google to along with aphrodite or any god (MORE)

Who was Zeus' child?

Athena ( born by chopping Zeus's head open ) Artemis ( goddess of hunting) Apollo ( god of the sun) Hephaestus, Hermes ( the messenger god ) and Ares ( god of War )he had many (MORE)

What is Zeus' occupation?

his occupation was to be a ruler He was the leader of all the Greek gods and also the god of the sky married to Hera mother of the gods.
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What was Zeus the god of?

Zeus is the greek god of the other gods, and lightning. He is also God of the sky.   Sky and thunder.
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Why was Zeus a god?

he defeated the titans and had amazing powers beacause his parents were titans and he was born an immortal god. He just was born that way the way you were just born a human (o (MORE)

Who were Zeus' lovers?

Now that really depends on who you count as a "lover." Do you want to include events like Zeus taking the form of a swan and raping a princess named Leda? Not joking, now try (MORE)

How do you get to Zeus' palace?

You must give Zeus all five sacred objects for him but he will make you remain mortal. you must then get Hercules. he will help you through the throne room of hades and he wil (MORE)