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What do women love the most in a man?

Wealth , Health and Beauty , in descending order. Answer Intelligence, confidence, sense of humor, good character and morals. Every woman is different in what they love the (MORE)

What a man wants from a women?

if a man loves the woman then he wants his love returned back so they both can live happily
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Are women God's gift to man?

  God said that it was not good that the man was alone, so the woman was created by God to be a help meet for the man. In other words, she is a companion who will help him (MORE)

How many man and women is there in the world?

Honestly that's a question that would never be answered! just for the fact there is more than a million more people born a day!.. im sure it will be impossible to find out!.. (MORE)

What do women want in a man?

well what i want in a man is: some good looks, great personality, don't womanise, respects you, takes you out every now and then, makes you feel special, makes you feel good a (MORE)