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Why do Women lie to keep a man?

Because they dont want one little thing that could make them break up happen. She will do anything to keep her man.  The fear of telling the truth may damage the relationship (MORE)

Is La Roux a man or a women?

her name is elly Jackson and she is a woman her hair is just part of her costume and her band is called la roux
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Who makes the baby man or women?

Making a baby is equal parts from the man and the woman. The woman's body produces the egg cell and the man's body produces sperm cells. When one of the sperm cells unites w (MORE)
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Can a man pee in a womens mouth?

if she wants you too, then go for it! Some like it, and some don't. Pee is not harmful.
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Can a man be married with two women?

This depends on the laws of the nation in which you live. In many Middle Eastern and African nations, the answer is yes, however in most North and South American nations, as w (MORE)