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What is the history of ziggurat?

Ziggurats were built by the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians for local religions. Each ziggurat was part of a temple complex which included other buildings. The precursor (MORE)

What were ziggurats used for?

They were believed to be the ladder of the Gods, so they weren't really used for anything except a place for offerings. Also they thought it they would be closer to god.
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What was the purpose of a ziggurat?

The purpose of a ziggurat was to keep a house for the gods, feed the hungry, celebrate, have school lessons and have courts. The ancient Sumerians built the ziggurats as tem (MORE)

Why were Ziggurats built?

They are thought to be platforms for temples honoring the gods of ancient Mesopotamia. each city-state had its own gods, so each city state had a different ziggurat.

What was the ziggurat made from?

  Ziggurats are made of mud, or clay , of stones that they found out in the area. Usually it was made of hardened sand that the Sumerians made by dipping sand in water and (MORE)

Who created ziggurats?

The Mesopotamians created the ziggurat. The Mesopotamians  created the ziggurat because it was a temple for a certain god or  goddess so they could descend from heaven and u (MORE)

What is a ziggurat made out of?

ziggurats are made out of: Ziggurats were made using mud bricks with facades (the face of a building) made from bricks that were glazed (enclose or cover with glass).Sun-bake (MORE)

What is a ziggurat in Mesopotamia?

A ziggurat is what the people used to worship their the very top room people believe that the gods went up there to be closer to the people on land. see the link bel (MORE)

What materials were used to make a ziggurat?

Ziggurats were shaped by hand. Later, they began to use brick molds made from wood, which were filled with the mud mixture to form the bricks. As time went on, bricks that loo (MORE)