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What does zinc do?

Zinc is good for concentration and can slightly improve mood. Ithelps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses.The body also needs zinc to make proteins and D (MORE)

What is zinc?

Zinc is chemically similar to its neighbor copper and, due to having similarly-sized ions, magnesium. It is bluish pale gray or white. Zinc is a mineral that humans need on (MORE)

Is zinc Expensive?

Zinc is not as expensive as copper i think. because before 1984 pennies were made of copper. now since 1984 copper has been replaced with zinc because it is less expensive.

How is zinc extracted from zinc blende?

zinc is extracted from zinc ore named zinc blende (ZnS) step 1 zinc ore is concentrated by the process named froth floation to about 55% step 2 concentrated ore is roa (MORE)

What can zinc do for you?

zinc is in many fish and it does help you breath easier There is also alot of zinc in various organs, such as the liver. Muscles are composed of around 50% zinc, while bones (MORE)

How do you turn zinc sulfate into zinc?

It is not possible to turn all of zinc sulfate into zinc, because that would require converting the sulfur and oxygen content of zinc sulfate into zinc, an operation that is c (MORE)