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What is a surgical zipper?

A surgical zipper is a zipper that adheres to the skin to close a wound that needs to be re-opened multiple times. It prevents several layers of scar tissue from forming, and (MORE)

Why did Whitcomb Judson invent the zipper?

Whitcomb Judson invented the "chain lock fastener" in 1891. It was  said that he invented it in an effort to make it easier to fasten  the high button boots that were in fas (MORE)

When were zippers invented?

Zipper were invented 1891 by Whitcomb L. Judson The first version of the zipper without any major design flaws and essentially indistinguishable from modern zippers was deve (MORE)

How do you fix zipper?

Pull up and down until it loosens. Release the cloth under neath the zipper, and then pull until it becomes loose. If the zipper teeth are damaged or missing, the entire zippe (MORE)
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Is a zipper a lever?

  yes a zipper is a lever because the back part of the zipper is the fuclcrum

Why were zippers invented?

To provide a more convenient way of closing clothes and other  fabric items than doing up a row of buttons. Who invented it? 1851 Nov. 25, Elias Howe Issued a patent on an (MORE)

How do you do the zipper on lanyard?

What you will need: 2 short pieces of gimp 1 long piece of gimp What to do: Put the three pieces of gimp next to each other like so: lll < A,B,&CTie the end where the st (MORE)