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What does the word zloty mean?

The zloty, from the Polish for "golden," is the basic unit of currency in Poland.
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Is there a 100000 zloty note?

There was a 100.000 Zloty note before 1995. I actually have one myself, it was about 9 DM (4.50 EUR) at that time. In 1995 they changed 10000 old Zloty to 1 new Zloty and intr (MORE)
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How do we pronounce zloty currency?

Unlike what most people think, it is NOT pronounced "slutty", though that is a funny alternative :P The correct spelling is "z łoty" - NB the " ł" an "l" with a li (MORE)
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How much is polish zloty worth in Poland?

for example, bread costs 3zlotych, milk 2,50zl, t shirt in adidas store 100zl, new shoes in adidas 200-300zl, sugar is for 4zl, if you wanna buy a new car its 50 000 - 100 000 (MORE)
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Poland value of 20000 zloty note in British currency?

20000 złoty banknote (with Maria Curie) is from before "denomination" that took place in 1995. Then, 20000 "old" zlotys became 2 new zlotys (PLN). 2 PLN is worth about 0,40 (MORE)
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Who is on the 100 zloty?

Władysław II Jagiełło a grand duke of Lithuania and a King of Poland, appears on the 100 Zloty.
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What currency was zloty?

THe Zloty IS the currency of Poland... and will remains so untilthey decide to adopt the Euro.