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Why is a zoo called a zoo?

zoo is short for zoological garden, zoological comes from the greek word zoion which means animal
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Which was the first zoo?

  In 1500 B.C., Queen Hatshepsut, in Eygpt collected animals from many different parts of Africa and finally estabilished the first real Zoo. Then a Chinese Emperor Wang, (MORE)
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What is the purpose of zoos?

We need zoos for different types of creatures to look at and to study them, zoos are also used for humans entertain ment (as some people say) Zoos are normal on the out skirts (MORE)
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Why are zoos necessary?

Zoos not only inform the public about animals and create an awareness/desire to keep these animals and conserve their habitats, but they also work to maintain biodiversity thr (MORE)

What is a weekly market?

A weekly market is so called because it is held on a specific day of the week.The do not have permanent shops.Traders set up shops for the day and close them in the evening.Th (MORE)

Where do you find free weekly horoscopes to publish in weekly newsletter?

Here are some of the free weekly horoscopes:   Biotrend Horoscopes   Stargazers Astrology   The Astrology Room   Depth-  (MORE)
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Is weekly an adjective?

yes, it can be as adjective. Example: The Smallville Gazette is a weekly paper. It can also be an adverb: Example ; The Littletown paper is published weekly.
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Why do you have to have zoos?

So that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy looking at animals that they don't see everyday and do rescue and preserve these animals from the wild and save them from extinct (MORE)