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Where was Zoroaster born?

Zoroaster Balkhi was born in city Balkh, Afghanistan, which use to be Persia as well. Today the Dari Zoroasterian language only spoken by Afghans.
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What is a Zoroaster?

Zoroaster was a religious reformer of ancient Persia (now Iran) and the founder of the Pre-Islamic religion of Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster was a religious reformer of ancient P (MORE)
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What did zoroaster teach?

tought that the earth is a battleground where a great struggle is fought between the spirit of good and the spirit of evil.
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What is zoroaster beliefs?

zoroaste (in Persian zartosht) is the religion that is the oldest religion how belives the god (with the name ahuramazda) and it always makes you to be good and not to be harm (MORE)
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Was Zoroaster a vegetarian?

Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism was "an abstainer from meat" who "forbade all animal sacrifice." Many of our greatest thinkers through out history were vegetarian, e. (MORE)
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What are the ideas of zoroaster?

Zoroastrianism was a dualist religion. Zoroaster believed in two "deities": one good, one evil. He believed that in the end the good deity would ultimately triumph. He also st (MORE)
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Did Zoroaster live before Moses?

Based on the available evidence, we can be reasonably certain that Zoroaster really did exist. Scholars say that he probably lived before at least 1700 BCE and possibly much e (MORE)
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Who is Zoroaster and what were his teachings?

Zoroaster - approximately 3000 B.C. - was the first to believe in a single God. He dedicated his life traveling from place to place sharing his belief. Often - as happens with (MORE)
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What civilization was Zoroaster from?

Zoroaster was from the mushroom kingdom civilization. He is a close friend of the legendary Mario, and has aided him on a few of his adventures. He is not a popular character (MORE)
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What is the prophet Zoroaster famous for?

The prophet Zoroaster was famous as being the founder of Zoroastrianism. It is considered the pre-Islamic religion between the centuries 18th and 6th BC.