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Where is Mr. Zsasz in Lego Batman villain hunt?

By the freezer railroad car on top of all the railroad cars. You need Batman & Robin (someone with grappling hooks and someone that jumps on the poles) to get up there. If you ( Full Answer )
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Where is mr zsasz in villain hunt for Lego batman ds?

After the second train appears, assemble and build the ladder near the large blue container behind the first train. Assemble and activate the switch that reveals a wall climb ( Full Answer )
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How do you defeat Zsasz in Batman Arkham Asylum?

It depends if it's your first time or second time fighting him. But first time you must be over head to glide kick him and second time your must use corner cover then throw yo ( Full Answer )
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Where is Mr. Zsasz in Lego batman Ds villain hunt?

he is in gotham docks when you go to the place where the train is another train will come after you and your partner pull to levers then go in between the trains build the lad ( Full Answer )