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What did Shaka Zulu do?

He was the founder of the Zulu nation in South Africa. Shaka (ca. 1878 - 1828) turned his small Zulu clan into a formidable force by overpowering neighbouring clans, establish (MORE)

What is the film zulu about?

The 1964 film "Zulu" is about the native Zulu's attack upon British forces at Rorke's Drift in 1879 . The film starred Michael Cain and Jack Hawkins among others . It was a si (MORE)

What happens at a Zulu funeral?

In the Zulu culture, death is another stage of life. It when the ancestors choose for a person to join them. If a death is expected, such as an elderly person with waning heal (MORE)

What is traditional Zulu clothing?

Traditional Zulu clothing is made out of fibers like straw and cotton as well as animal hides. Zulu women traditionally cover their heads, wearing distinctive straw hats, as a (MORE)

What did the zulus do?

The Zulu were a warrior people who fought the surrounding tribes,Boers and the British most famous chief was Shaka's was murdered by his brother before the British arrived.Din (MORE)

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