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What is Zydeco?

Zydeco is a musical genre which evolved in southwest Louisiana bythe French Creole. Zydeco blends Cajun music, blues and rhythm andblues together.
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Meaning of paper in my shoe in from zydeco?

In the old days, when the young men would ask a girl for dance, shewould write her name down on a piece of paper. The young pursuiterwould keep the paper and present it to her (MORE)
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What instrument does Buckwheat Zydeco play?

The instrument that Buckwheat Zydeco plays accordion and vocals. Buckwheat Zydeco a zydeco musician and an american accordionist. He has performed with many famous musicians a (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Zydeco - 2012?

The cast of Zydeco - 2012 includes: Liam Andrews as McCarthy Nayari Cameron as God Elgin Foster as Zydeco Miles Meili as Dan Smith Jade Michael LaFont as Camper Kelsey Nelson (MORE)