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How does a zygote from?

Definition of Zygote . Zygote : The cell formed by the union of a male sex cell (a sperm) and a female sex cell (an ovum). The zygote develops into the embryo
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What forms a zygote?

Two gametes (or haploid sex cells) from two different parents, one male and one female. Sperm and an egg come together to form a zygote.
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What is an example of zygote?

a zygote is a single cell which has formed as the result of the merging of the egg cell and a sperm cell. so basically it is the fertilisation of the egg which has the potenti ( Full Answer )
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How does the zygote formed?

when egg is combine with sperm the process of fertilization take and zygote is formed this fertilization take place till 9 months after 9 months a new baby is born from this z ( Full Answer )
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Is a zygote somatic?

Yes; it is not a sex cell and it has 2n=46 chromosomes, whereas sex cells have n=23 chromosomes.
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What is produced by a zygote?

A zygote develops into an embryo (there are also a number of specific intermediary stages, such as a blastosphere, a blastocoel, etc.)
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What is a zygote on a snail?

A zygote on any sexually reproducing organism is the melding of both male and female gametes.
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When does a zygote develop?

A zygote is developed during fertilization - a process that occurs when two haploid gametes (or sex cells) combine. In more general terms, the zygote is formed when the sperm ( Full Answer )
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Why is a zygote form?

A zygote is the single cell that forms when a sperm fertilizes the egg. A zygote forms because a sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell.
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Where do zygotes get chromosomes from?

A zygote is produced by the merger of two gametes, which are an ovum and a sperm. The gametes are produced by the two parent organisms. That's where the chromosomes come from. ( Full Answer )