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Translation: 'I love you" You are beautiful'

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How do you ask are you having pain in spanish?

Estas en dolor or Te duele Estas en dolor or Te duele Estas en dolor or Te duele

What does donde estas orita te ablo mean?

"donde estas ahorita te hablo" means where you are now I speak to you

Como te llamas hermosa?

What is your name, beautiful?

How do you pronounce te Amo mi hermosa hija?

te = tea .... amo is the same ammo, mi = me , hermosa = her.... mosa . hija = ee-ha its mean i love my beautful daughter

How are youin Spanish?

How are you?: "¿Como estas?" or "¿Como te va?"

Como te llamas y como estas?

what is your name and how are you?

What does como te estas alistandome mean?

"How are you getting ready?"

Te queiro mas hermosa?

It means "I love you more beautiful".

How do you say how are in Spanish?

You can say. Como estas or Como te encuentras

Hola hermosa te extrano mucho?

beautiful, miss you so much

What does Esperado que te estas portando bien?

"Esperando que te estas portando bien" is a phrase that means "Hoping that you are behaving yourself."Literally: Hoping/Waiting that you are comporting yourself well

English Translation Yo Tambien Te Amo Hermosa?

it is: I love you too, beautiful.

What does Te quiero hermosa señorita mean in English?

It means "I love you beautiful girl".

What does te extrano cuando no estas mean in English?

it means - "I miss you when you aren't with me"

What does Te estas poniendo viejo mean?

It means "you're gettin' old!"

What does amor te hermosa mean?

It is ungrammatical and cannot be translated as a sentence. But the individual words mean: amor = the love (noun) te = you (reflexive form, or object form, as in to you) hermosa = beautiful Literally this sentence says: "the love beautiful to you"

How do you say you're beautiful and I love you in Spanish?

Eres hermosa y te quiero. Or.... Eres tan bonita y te amo.

How do you say ''i miss you beautiful'' in spanish?

I miss you beautiful = Te extrañé, hermosa

Hola bebe que hermosa te ves?

means: hello, baby. how pretty you look.

What does Siempre te amo mi hermosa esposa mean?

i always love you my beautiful wife

What is Te ves muy hermosa mi amiga means?

You look very beautiful, my friend

How do i say are you making tea in Spanish?

estas haciendo te? (ehstahs ahseeehndo teh?)

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