'beauty is skin deep' how would you ethically justify the statement by applying different theories and real life example?

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Maybe someone is really pretty and then one day you realise how ugly they are skin deep. Beauty is skin deep means that if you're pretty inside then you're pretty .
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What does 'beauty is only skin deep' mean?

This refers to the fact that one can be beautiful on the outsideand mean or unpleasant on the inside - you also see this in thesaying "pretty is as pretty does." More Opinions: . It is saying if someone looks beautiful on the outside, theymight be so mean in the inside, or if someones super ugly, ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of beauty is more than skin deep?

Beauty is more than skin deep means a person can be beautiful inside and out. Their personality can shine through and be just as beautiful as your outside looks. It also means that inside of every beautiful person is something better that should be noticed more than their looks. Looks are good but p ( Full Answer )

If beauty is skin deep how deep is intelligence?

Answer \nAnswering "Beauty is skin deep how deep is intelligence\n\nIntelligence is as deep as much you pay attention in class and as deep as you report card grades.\n\n\nSeriously though, I didn't get the question :-?

Is beauty skin deep?

Beauty is NOT skin deep!!!! No, you are always beautiful no matter what you look like. SOME people only judge by beauty but those are the ignorant people, the stupid people, those who can not possibly understand how beautiful it is to be someone nice, kind a giving. Dont worry if you're not beautif ( Full Answer )

How do you write a speech on 'beauty is only skin deep'?

Just remember men and woman get so many things done to try to look beautiful. But are they really beautiful inside? . I need to do a speech on this and im not sure how to start eaither. I'm thinking but don't no how to start.

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Having spent so much purchasing a battery charger which never last, i pinched myself and asked the very fundermental question. "You are studying electrical electronics engineering". So i chose to build a strong reliable charger with all the specification and tolerance i really desired. I have been u ( Full Answer )

What are the different theories about the origin of life?

1. Abiogenesis In the natural sciences, abiogenesis - also known asspontaneous generation - is the study of how life on Earth couldhave arisen from inanimate matter. This is also referred to as the"primordial soup" theory of evolution. On earth evidence is clearlife began in water, such as some w ( Full Answer )

Is it okay or ethical to have a boyfriend on the internet and a completely different one in real life neither of them knows the other one exists.?

Unless it's an open relationship, obviously not. Emotional cheating is cheating, too. Many people would likely be as upset about a his/her significant other having a meaningful emotional relationship with a person on the internet as they would be about their partner having a one-night fling.. If it ( Full Answer )

How can you apply trigonometry in real life?

Trigonometry is used in design of everything from buildings to instruments to appliances. It is also used in electronics, acoustics, EM radiation, flight, navigation, projectile motion, and nearly every every application of waves and forces in physics and engineering. .

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Depending on your career, you may or may not need trigonometry. If your job does not require a lot of math, it is unlikely that you will use trigonometry very often, however, this is not a reason not to study it. The skills and discipline developed in your trigoometry class will help you no matter w ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of 'beauty is but skin deep'?

It means people might be beautiful to look at but inside might befar from beautiful; the most beautiful person could be, at heart,spiteful, wicked just plain nasty. So, you don't judge a person'scharacter by the way they look. fairejeune.com/lifecell-skin-review/

What does 'beauty is skin deep but ugly is clean to the bone' mean?

It's a sideways insult - you're not actually saying somebody is ugly -- but you're pointing out that "ugly is clean to the bone!" If something goes all the way to the bone, it's throughout your body, so this person is ugly all the way through. You might say this to someone who is bragging about how ( Full Answer )

Is beauty more than skin deep?

Personality and appearance both play a role in human beauty. A beautiful appearance is skin deep, but a beautiful personality is much deeper.

What are ten examples of applying vectors to real life situations?

As with most advanced math, whether you'll actually use this in "real life" depends on whether you work in engineering or science, or not. You won't have much need for advanced math if you work, say, as a hair stylist, a dentist, or a teacher of non-science subjects. Some uses of vectors (in engin ( Full Answer )

Is beauty really only skin deep?

Yes. Physical beauty stops at the inside of the skin. INTERNAL beauty, or a person who is good and kind and a lovely person -- that goes all the way through. The saying "beauty is only skin deep" is pointing out that someone can be quite lovely to look at, and quite unpleasant in personality. Very ( Full Answer )

Business has no ethics justify the statement?

Ethical issues don't mean anything if the law doesn't have to enforce them, so businesses, to make more money, take advantage (a lot of the time). Thus, businesses HAVE to have some "ethics" to be able to sustain themselves legally, otherwise they're free to walk all over them.

Business communication is often termed as the life blood of business concern justify this statement with an example?

As blood flows, it pumps oxygen through the body to sustain life. Likewise, communication is the lifeblood of projects and organisations. Just as the heart works to distribute oxygen throughout the body, the project manager continuously circulates project information from the external stakeholders t ( Full Answer )

What are real life examples of Darwin's theory of evolution?

An example of this theory can be seen in the Galápagos Islands. The Galápagaos are 16 islands off the coast of South America that Charles observed in 1835. These islands, we now know, were formed 4 million years ago from volcanic activity and had no life on them. Therefore, any animal living t ( Full Answer )

How does beauty is only skin deep make people feel?

Generally it makespeople feel good and makes the person saying it seem deeper. It is basically just telling you to look under the skin and judge people by their character and not how they look. It's also telling you to not stereotype because one person can look one way but actually be another.

Why is the statement All life is made of cells an example of theory?

This statement is an example of a theory, because we haven't found all living things. Without knowing what all is in this world, or universe for that matter, this statement remains a theory. It would be hard to prove that we know what all life is. According to 'Cell Theory' a cell is the unit of ( Full Answer )

What is an example of a teleological ethical theory?

Animal Testing- this is an interesting answer because it could not be also defined as consequential. The moral choice here is to put an animal through pain, or to not. Basically, the reasoning behind defending animal testing in say, a shampoo factory, is that it's for the greater good- if the anim ( Full Answer )

Where can you apply geography in real life?

For example when working in with tourism or weather. Or when you meet someone who lives in for example Dublin, it's good to know which part of the world he/she comes from :)

What is the different theories about origin of life?

Theories of origin of life are entirely independent of Evolution. There is much speculation except that it is known to have occurred about 3.5 billion years ago, shortly after the earth's crust solidified and cooled enough for life to exist. Some of the speculations are: . Tide pools . Clay cata ( Full Answer )

How do ratio apply to real life?

Anytime you want to figure out a relationship between numbers in a group you can use ratios. For examples, you can see a ratio of 5 people to 10 cookies. that means everyone gets 2 cookies.

Are you agree with beauty is only skin deep?

cover, it's exactly the same! I agree with those who advocate the proverb "Beauty is only skin deep". In my opinion, the beauty that not come with wisdom can easily become the vulnerable and they will be exploited in malicious intentions. The beauty thus easily sink into vice and damage their own ( Full Answer )

What real life example would you need to find the volume?

Ex. A cylinder shaped tank of water is empty. How many cubic feet of water can it hold? Ex. An architect is designing a rectangular building. How much space should it have. Try thinking next time!!

What are some real life examples that apply conics?

> Heaters, satellite dishes, parabolic lights, motion of the planets, telescopes, eyeglasses, shadows on a wall, a ton of sh*t basically Satellite dishes and the mirrors in reflecting telescopes are both parabolic in shape. The stream of water from a drinking fountain travels a parabolic path. ( Full Answer )

Where can you apply inflation in real life?

In a car or bicycle tyre (US tire). In a car or bicycle tyre (US tire). In a car or bicycle tyre (US tire). In a car or bicycle tyre (US tire).

What would be an example of a scientific theory?

any belief in science that is plausible and for the most part hassome evidence, but we aren't sure of being 100% true, would be atheory. for example, the theory of relativity, darwin's theory ofevolution, etc.