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The picture = the complete subject

The = an article acting as an adjective, modifies the word 'picture'. "What picture? THE picture."

Picture = a noun acting as the simple subject

Is = complete verb

Is = a linking verb

Perfectly made = the complete predicate adjective

Perfectly = an adverb modifying the word 'made'. "How was it made? It was made PERFECTLY."

Made = the predicate adjective, describes the subject

Of pure silver = a prepositional phrase acting as an adverb

Of = the preposition

Pure = adjective modifying the word 'silver'

Silver = a noun acting as the object of the preposition

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What part of speech is the word perfectly?

The word perfectly is an adverb.

Silence is golden speech is silver?

speech is silver but silence is gold

How do you identify if it is a declamation piece?

To identify a declamation piece, the speech must be with feelings. It refers to the act of reciting a speech that inspires others.

What part of speech is 'silver'?

The word silver is a noun. It is a shiny grey colour.

What part of speech is picture?

It can be used as a verb or a noun. As a noun, "The picture was hanging on the wall." As a verb, "I want you to picture the moon."

What part of speech is motion picture?

A motion picture is a noun. The plural would be motion pictures.

Speech is silver and silence is golden?

Speech is silver, silence is golden is an old proverb that has an oriental origin. It means that it is best to keep ones own counsel.

What was the Best Picture winner for 2010?

The Academy Award for Best Picture of 2010 went to "The King's Speech."

Speech is silver but silence is golden?

That is how the poet wrote it.

What part of speech is the word silver?

Silver can be a noun and an adjective. Noun: Metallic element/coins made from the material silver. Adjective: Made from silver.

How do you identify direct and indirect speech?

Direct speech is: "Hello," he said. He said is the main thing there.Indirect speech is: 'He said hello to us'. Notice the inverted commas instead of the speech marks.

What was the first motion picture with speech?

that was the jazz singer in 1927

Examples of figure speech?

A figure of speech transcends its literal interpretation. "I have butterflies in my stomach," is a figure of speech. Also,"A picture is worth a thousand words."

On Hogans Heros where was the hidden microphone in Klinks office'?

Hitler's Picture. It was the Microphone in the picture of Hitler making a speech

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