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Q: -How many people visit the Sistine Chapel on average per year?
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How many people visit the Sistine Chapel every day?

about 10,000 people visit daily

How many people visit Sistine Chapel every year?

Around four million

How many people visit the Sistine Chapel every year?

2.9millionactually there are about four million visits each year

Where can someone go to see Michaelangelo paintings?

In order to see the Michelangelo paintings on the ceiling and altar wall of the Sistine Chapel, one must pay a visit o the Vatican Museums in Vatican. The Sistine Chapel is the highlight of the Vatican Museum which is located at the end of the tour.

What was the location of saint peters cathedral?

St. Peter's is located in Vatican City, Rome. You can visit it and located within the Vatican is 4 museums, the pope apartment, and the Sistine Chapel.

Why would people visit the Sistine Chapel?

The history behind the Sistine Chapel makes it appealing for history buffs and catholic pilgrims alike. The Chapel's dimensions are taken directly from the Old Testament - the temple of Solomon. The Chapel is the venue for the conclave. When a pope dies, another is chosen during a meeting of the college of cardinals called a conclave. It's the pope's chapel, and is still used as a chapel. The Chapel is highly decorated with many frescoes and other artworks commissioned by different popes during the 14-1500's. Some of the artworks were completed by some of the greatest renaissance artists. The most famous painting being the ceiling frescoed by Michelangelo and arguably the most famous and renowned artwork of the renaissance.

What do pilgrims do in Rome?

People who go on pilgrimageto Rome mostly visit the Vatican City where the Pope lives. The most popular place of pilgrimage for Catholics to go is the The Great Synagogue of Rome. There is also a Sistine Chapel that is very popular. I LIED READ A BOOK!!

What do tourists do at the Vatican?

Tourists can visit Saint Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, several museums and other religious and historic sites in the Vatican. Allow yourself more than one day to see everything open to visitors.

What do pilgrims do at Vatican City?

Pilgrims try to attend a mass in Saint Peter's Basilica, perhaps attend a papal audince, visit the various museums of the Vatican, admire all the precious works of art found there, including the Sistine Chapel.

How many people visit McDonald's ever day?

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How many people view the sistien chaple a day?

Just over ten thousand people visit the Sistine Chapel daily, plus or minus a thousand depending on the time of year, placing the yearly rate at just over 4 million visitors! This of course excludes the hundreds of workers and religious members that are present every day as well!

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