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you cant but you can go to the sevii islands after you beat the game and can go the first three islands after you have won blaine the seventh badge


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You can't get to the johto region in firered.

You can't go to Johto in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen.

No. Johto is not an available region in Pokemon FireRed. You can only explore the region of Kanto and the nine islands surrounding it. Currently, only Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal are games which explore Johto.

After getting the national dex you can find johto Pokemon roaming around the sevii islands AKA islands 1-7. Take a look around each island to find all the johto Pokemon, here are some hints where to look: One island, Four island, Five island, Six island, Seven island.

You can't "find" them in Pokemon FireRed, you can however trade Pokemon from your Gold, Silver or Crystal games over to FireRed. And, in Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver it's two inter-joined regions so you can find Pokemon from the Kanto and Johto region in the same game; but not specifically Pokemon FireRed.

Whirl islands are in the johto region which is not in firered.

You can't. Electivre is from the sinnoh region, and you can only get kanto, johto, and hoenn pokemon in firered.

Unfortunately you cannot access the Jhoto Region on fire red but there are islands where you can catch Jhoto Pokemon such as dunsparce and heracross (six or seven island)

The johto Pokemon from FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald can be migrated to the DS. but the older games such as silver and gold do not fit in the DS.

Not any hoenn Pokemon but firered and leafgreen can catch alot of kanto and johto Pokemon ruby and sapphire can and can't.

Answer You have to beat the Johto regions. Of course you will ask how . After you catch all Kanto Pokemon and Mew , you beat the elite four ten times , and then prof Oak tell you that a road to Johto regions has opened under the victory road .

The oldest Pokemon games to feature Johto are Gold, Silver, and Crystal. FireRed and LeafGreen partially feature Johto after you beat the Elite Four. The newest games to feature Johto are HeartGold and SoulSilver.

You can only trade it from the Johto region or the Hoen Region.

All hoenn pokemon, some kanto and some johto examples include magmar and mantine.

Growlithe is found in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island in Pokemon Firered.

One Island is only accessible in Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, FireRed, and LeafGreen, although it is possible to access Kanto from Johto after defeating the Elite Four and Champion at Indigo Plateau.

Actually, I think that is a Johto region pokemon, and seeing as Firered is a 1st gen remake, which is set in Kanto, you can't find it in the wild. You might be able to trade for it.

entei, suicune, and raikou those are the only one's i know of besides houndoom and houndour.

you cannot unfortunetly fire red is only hoen kanto and johto Pokemon not sinnoh.

You get one Johto starter in Emerald for completing the Hoenn Pokedex. You can trade them into FireRed. Unfortunately, Croconaws (along with Totodiles) cannot be caught in Pokemon FireRed. You must have one traded to you from Emerald.

You don't. The closest thing to the johto region in FireRed AND LeafGreen are the Sevii Islands. You don't. The closest thing to the johto region in FireRed AND LeafGreen are the Sevii Islands.

you can get deoxys at birth island

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