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Q: 0.6 centimeters equals how many millimeters?
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How many millimeters can go in 06 centimeters?

0.6cm = 6mm (there are 10 millimeters per centimeter).

How many meters equals 6 centimeters?


.06 mm equals how many centimeters?

0.06mm = 0.006cm

How long is 60 millimeters?

60 millimeters equals:6 centimeters or.06 meters or2.3622 inches or0.19685 feetjust depending on which unit you're looking for6 cm

What is sixty decimeters equal to?

It equals: 6000 millimeters 600 centimeters 6 meters .6 dekameters .06 hectometers .006 kilometers

How many meters in 6 centimeters?


How do you convert 2500 millimeters to kilograms?

1 mm = 1e-06e-06 km, therefore 2500 mm = 0.0025 km You can't - 2500 millimeters is 250 centimeters. Grams can be converted to Kilograms - 2500 Grams is 2.5 Kilograms

60 mL equals how many L?

.06 of a liter

60g equals how many kilos?

60g= .06 kilos.

Is .55 millimeters equal to .06 ounces?

No, millimeters is a measure of distance, and ounces is a measure of weight.

How many mm in 1ft?

Hey. hope this will help you somehow

What 06 centimeter in millimeters?

0.06 cm is one sixth of a millimeter.

60 meters equals how many kilometers?

1000m = 1km 60/1000 .06 km

.06 equals what fraction?

.06 = 3/50 as a fraction in its simplest form

0.6 divided by 10 equals?


What is the answer to 2.5 multiplied by 06?

what is?2.5 multipyed by 0.6 equals

How many milliters are in 06 centimeters?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 cm=10 mm 6 cm=60 mm

How many meters are in 6 centemeters?

The prefix "centi-" means "one hundredth," so to convert centimeters to meters, just divide by 100 (or move the decimal point to the left two spaces). 6 centimeters = .06 meters.

What times 0.6 equals 60?

100 times 0.6 equals 60. This can also be expressed as 100(.06)=60.

How much gms of gold equals to 1 mohur?

12 . 06 gms

What fraction is equal to the decimal 06?

If that's 0.6, it equals 3/5

Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on an 06 Escalade?

it equals 4

What is 1.6 millimeters?

1. 6 mm is about 0. 06 inches long. This is a very short length, about the width of a thin cord.

How many dollars are equal to 3 euros?

Under the current exchange rate (as of 06-1-09) 3 Euros equals 4.24634 U.S. dollars

What is 06 plus 1.15 plus 1.35 plus 0.925 equals?

four and twenty-five thousandths