007 nightfire how do you get out of the air duct in countdown?

Get out your laser gadget and use it on the locks. Or you dont have to use the air duct at all! You can just go through the place and then find kiko and just kill her. Bond uses the ventilation system to make his way to the underground silo. Once he reached a missile silo, Bond has to fight of Kiko, and gets onto one of three space shuttles intending to capture the Space Defense Platform. Kiko then dies in the blast pit when Bond's space shuttle launches. Bond then reaches the International Space Station, where Drake is. In a climactic battle, Bond successfully sends all eight missiles off course, saving millions of lives, and causes Drake's laser weapon to malfunction, leading to a huge explosion. Finally, Bond uses a Phoenix prototype laser gun called the Samurai to defeat Drake. As the station goes up in flames, Bond blasts from an escape pod and goes back down to Earth, where he celebrates the victory with Alura as the credits begin to roll.