00973 is the postal code of which country?

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There are dozens of countries that use five-digit postal codes. There is no way to know which one you are asking about.

Telephone country code +973, dialed from many places as 00 973, is Bahrain; however, postal codes and telephone country codes are completely different things.
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What are the postal codes of the country Philippines?

Abra . 2800: Bangued . 2801: Dolores . 2802: Lagangilang . 2803: Tayum . 2804: Peñarrubia . 2805: Bucay . 2806: Pidigan . 2807: Langiden . 2808: San Quintin . 2

What country has the postal code 262?

Many countries have postal codes in various formats, but Papua NewGuinea, Madagascar, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Lesotho are theonly places with three-digit postal codes.

What is the postal code of the country of the Philippines?

The Philippines has a system of postal codes (called Zip Codes,although Philippines Zip Codes are only 4 digits); each Zip Codeidentifies a town or a part of a city. The posta

What is postal code of a country?

In general, countries do not have postal codes. A postal codetypically identifies a town or a part of a city, not an entirecountry.

What are the postal code of all countries?

The postal code of any country is simply its name in either Englishor French, written in all capitals by itself as the last line ofthe address. For example, the postal code f
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What country has the postal code OK?

There is no country that uses OK as a postal country code or Internet domain. The postal abbreviation OK is used for the U.S. state of Oklahoma, as, for example: Jane Doe
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What is postal code in country?

A postal code is a combination of letters and/or numbers used tohelp in sorting and delivering mail. However, each country can haveits own system of postal codes (or none at a
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Where is telephone country code 00973?

Telephone country codes never begin with zero. Country code +973, dialed as 00 973 from many places, is Bahrain. Country code +7, dialed as 009 7 from many places, is Russia
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WC1 is a postal code in which country?

The WC1 postal code, along with the WC2 postal code districts are part of the London post town. These numbered districts were created in 1917. Post Office branches may be foun
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What country has the postal code 4800?

4800 could be a valid postal code in many different countries.There is no way to know which one you're asking about.