00973 is the postal code of which country?

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There are dozens of countries that use five-digit postal codes. There is no way to know which one you are asking about.

Telephone country code +973, dialed from many places as 00 973, is Bahrain; however, postal codes and telephone country codes are completely different things.
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What is the postal code for Nashville?

Nashville is the largest city inTennessee. It has several postal zip codes. The postal zip codesfor Nashville are 37215, 37216, 37201-37222, 37224, 37228-37230,37232, 37234-37236, 37238, 37240-37244, 37246, 37249, and37250.

What is the postal code for Switzerland?

Answer . Switzerland is distinguished by putting an CH (Confoederatio Helvetica) on parcels, etc... but, of course, every - even small villages - district in Switzerland has its own postal code.. Examples: Berne (capital): CH-3000 and others variing around 3000... Zurich (biggest city): CH-8 (MORE)

What is a postal code?

A post code is a number that refers to the area an address finds itself in it makes mail sorting easier as wel as puting an end to mail being misdirect to similarly pelt addresses in different places.. In the UK a post code is the same as a USA Zip Code.. If you are posting a letter to the UK the (MORE)

What is Bhopal's Postal code?

Bhopal Postal Code starts with 4620-XX. mostally the postal code for Main new Bhopal is 462003 ie TT nagar Bhoapal Postal Code.

Mumbai postal code?

postal codes for Mumbai lies from 400036 - 400606. (It is not the very basic town/area to have a single postal code)

Muntinlupa postal code?

Location . ZIP Code . Ayala Alabang Subd.. 1780. Bayanan/Putatan. 1772. Bule/Cupang. 1771. Muntinlupa CPO. 1770. Pearl Heights. 1775. Pleasant Village. 1777. Poblacion. 1776. Susana Heights. 1774. Tunasan. 1773. Ayala Alabang P.O. Boxes. 1799.

Postal code of UAE?

The UAE, or United Arab Emirates, does not have a postal code thatcovers the country. There are no street deliveries of mail, soeveryone has a post office box number.

Postal code in cavite Philippines?

Cavite . 4133: Bailen . 4123: Alfonso . 4119: Amadeo . 4102: Bacoor . 4116: Carmona . 4100: Cavite City . 4101: Sangley Point Naval Base . 4125: Corregidor Island . 4114: Dasmariñas . 4115: Dasmarinas Resettlement Area . 4124: General Emilio Aguinaldo (Bailen) . 4117: General Maria (MORE)

What is postal code of Canada?

Canada is a huge country and has many, many postal codes. You would have to look up the code for a specific address.. According to Stats Canada there are 850,000 postal codes now.

What is the postal code of Vientiane?

According to the survey from Mekong River Commision (MRC) in 2004, Vientiane (Capital City of Lao P.D.R) official postal code is 01000 and that's how they put it for all their name cards since.

Postal code for Johannesburg?

There are several postal codes for Johannesburg, South Africa. Someof these include 2013, 2157, 2091, 2195, and 2194.

What is the postal code for Lahore in Pakistan?

Postal codes for Lahore in Pakistan: . Lahore G.P.O 54000 . Lahore Gulberg 54660 . Lahore Cantt 54810 . Lahore Model Town 54700 . Lahore Ferozepure Road 54600 . Lahore Awan Colony 54780 . Lahore Iqbal Town 54570 . Lahore Chah Miran 54900 . Lahore Walton 54750 . Lahor (MORE)

What are the postal codes of the country Philippines?

Abra . 2800: Bangued . 2801: Dolores . 2802: Lagangilang . 2803: Tayum . 2804: Peñarrubia . 2805: Bucay . 2806: Pidigan . 2807: Langiden . 2808: San Quintin . 2809: San Isidro . 2810: Manabo . 2811: Villaviciosa . 2812: Pilar . 2813: Luba . 2814: Tubo . 2815: Boliney . 2816: Da (MORE)

What does a postal code do?

A Canadian Postal Code does much the same thing as any other code used for mail sorting, such as the zip code in the US. It speeds up mail sorting in the Post Office, and does so with a very high rate of accuracy.. Each of Canada's Postal Codes is unique enough to direct mail to your side of the st (MORE)

What country has the postal code 262?

Many countries have postal codes in various formats, but Papua NewGuinea, Madagascar, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Lesotho are theonly places with three-digit postal codes.

Which number is country postal code for Malaysia?

+60 is the telephone country code. . For Federal Territories on the Wilayah Peninsula: Kuala Lumpur- 50xxx to 60xxx (including Taman Melawati, Bukit Lanjan, and Pandan Indah) Labuan- 87xxx Putrajaya- 62xxx For States: Selangor (Shah Alam)- codes from 4xxxx (except 49xxx for Fraser's Hi (MORE)

What is postal code of a country?

In general, countries do not have postal codes. A postal codetypically identifies a town or a part of a city, not an entirecountry.

What are the postal code of all countries?

The postal code of any country is simply its name in either Englishor French, written in all capitals by itself as the last line ofthe address. For example, the postal code for Mexico is "MEXICO" or "MEXIQUE"

Is your postal code your zip code?

Many countries use codes to speed the processing of mail. In the US (and a few other countries due to the influence of the US), these codes are called zip codes. (ZIP was originally an acronym for "Zone Improvement Program".) In most countries they're called "postal codes". So, if you live in the (MORE)

What is the postal code?

If you mean 'postal code', then it is a system of sorting mail to make delivery more efficient. It breaks up regions of the country into small efficient delivery routes for mail carriers to work in.

Does Bogota Colombia have a postal code?

No we Don't use Postal Codes, neither in Bogota, nor anywhere inColombia. The reason is pretty simple. All the cities and towns inColombia are built in a GRID patterns. Our cities are similar to achess board. the roads that to from north to south are calledCARRERAS , and the roads that go from east (MORE)

What are the postal codes for Pakistan?

Abbottabad Attock Badin Bagh (A.J.K) Bahawalnagar Bahawalpur Bannu Balakot Bhakkar Ckaklala Cantt Chakwal Charsadda Chitral Dera Ghazi Khan Dera Ismail Khan Dir Faisalabad Fateh Jang Gilgit Gujar Khan Gujranwala Gujrat Gwader Haripur Hasan Abdal Hyde (MORE)

Postal code of Norway?

4-digit codes lowest numbers near Oslo, numbers increase ther further you get from Oslo 0001 - 9991 are currently in use.

What the postal code of Ireland?

Ireland does not have post codes. For sending things to places, you would finish the address with the name of the town, then on a new line the county and then on the last line, Ireland. On an internet form, just use IE as the code.

UK London postal code?

London has thousands of different post codes according to whichever part of London you are writing to. Each group of about 10 houses has its own post code and in the case of a large building it will have its own exclusive post code. A London post code would look something like this; W1D 5AR or SE27 (MORE)

What is the postal codes for canada?

It all depends where the place is located. The template though is, "X1X 1X1". With X representing a letter and 1 representing a number, there is also a space inbeteen the third and fourth characters.

What is the postal code of BENHA?

You can find all the Egypt Postal Codes in Code Masr website www.codemasr.com. الرقم البريدي المصري لجميع قري ومناطق ومدن مصر

The postal code of Ireland?

Ireland does not have postal codes for the most part. If your sending something to Dublin then get in contact with the addressee. Otherwise its just the house address, st. , town, county possibly city and then finally IRELAND. once it gets to Ireland then your fine, our postal service will take care (MORE)

Where is the UK postal code WR10?

UK postal codes beginning with WR are in and around Worcester. A UK postal code beginning with WR10 is in Pershore, Worcestershire.

What is postal or Zip code of Nigeria?

Nigeria is composed of multiple states, each with multiple post codes. You can locate these for individual cities through the Nigerian Postal System website, linked below.

What is the postal code of barmigum uk?

Assuming you meant 'Birmingham' - there are literally hundreds ofpostal codes for the Birmingham area. Each code only applies to asmall number of properties. You would need to be more specific.

How can you figure out what postal code you have?

Send a letter to yourself. When you receive the letter look at the postal code. If that does not work... ask your mother. Or you can look it up on Wikipedia or a site like that. Or you could look at any piece of mail you have received, any bill, it should be on the address.

What country has the postal code OK?

There is no country that uses OK as a postal country code or Internet domain. The postal abbreviation OK is used for the U.S. state of Oklahoma, as, for example: Jane Doe 1234 Fictitious Street Oklahoma City, OK 73199

What is postal code in country?

A postal code is a combination of letters and/or numbers used tohelp in sorting and delivering mail. However, each country can haveits own system of postal codes (or none at all).

Where is telephone country code 00973?

Telephone country codes never begin with zero. Country code +973, dialed as 00 973 from many places, is Bahrain. Country code +7, dialed as 009 7 from many places, is Russia andKazakhstan; a number beginning with +7 3 is a landline in Russia. To avoid confusion, it is best to write an internation (MORE)

WC1 is a postal code in which country?

The WC1 postal code, along with the WC2 postal code districts are part of the London post town. These numbered districts were created in 1917. Post Office branches may be found in the WC1 district at Grays Inn, High Holborn, Marchmont Street, and Russell Square.