01275340965 could you tell me this phone number is under which name?

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Gauteng province
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How do you tell who the wireless carrier is by a cell phone number?

Carrier and Cell Numbers That BC area code is the same for all cellular users. In Bc and Canada the numbers will still be different as the number is owned by the company not the person using it. Come march of next year they will be introducing what is called phone number portability in which case cu ( Full Answer )

Is it cheating if your fiance has his ex's work home and cell numbers programmed in his phone under a man's name?

Answer . I don't know if that's cheating, but there's an obvious trust issue between the two of you. He doesn't trust that you won't look through his phone listings, and you don't trust that he's being faithfull. You may want to invest your time into some couples counseling, which can be very ( Full Answer )

Is your wife cheating if you found out that she saved another man's phone number in her mobile phone under one of her girlfriend's name and she calls the number frequently?

Yes. If she is hiding something, then she is cheating on you in some form. She may not be sleeping with him, but it is still emotional cheating to be hiding. She is giving him her time and attention which belong to you. Get counseling if this marriage is worth saving. . Communication with your wif ( Full Answer )

Could you tell this number 042022372 for which country?

It could be any country, looks similar to our Finnish numbers. Usually the + at the beginning holds the country insignia. In Finland it is +358 Sweden is +46. But if it does not show that + beginning, then I assume it belongs someone in your local area. The zero at the beginning tells it's not wit ( Full Answer )

Can a phone number be blocked from calling my cell phone under MetroPcs service?

Some cell phone carriers have the ability to block calls from certain numbers. Some phones also have this ability. However, MetroPCS is unable to provide this service. For Verizon phones, you may log in to MyVerizon and add phone numbers to your blocked call list. I think it is limited in the number ( Full Answer )

Can you change phone numbers while under contract?

It is possible to change a cell phone number while still undercontract. A person just needs to call the customer service numberof their cell phone provider and request to change their number.

Why would your husband hide a females phone number under a male name then when caught claim its because he knew that if you found out about him having a female friend you would get mad?

That could be a scenario in which chances are that would be true but then there is the cheating scenario. He would definitely hide the number so you wouldn't find out that he was cheating. You are going to have to find out the truth through your husband and if need be the "friend" - go with your gut ( Full Answer )

Why would your boyfriend put a girls phone number under his guy friends name?

My ex did this to me. After the first few weeks of our first yr in college. Then i caught on after a while. They do i so that when their girlfriend looks threw their phone, the girl doesnt think of it much and then when she thinks something is up...then they check the text messages and find out.

How can you tell if someone blocked your number from their cell phone?

It depends upon your carrier. In my case (Nextel/Sprint) it shows up on my caller ID as: "Incoming call". Some carriers spell out "blocked call"; others show up on your caller ID as: "611" --- or some other number that you don't recognize --- usually only 3 numbers. jimdand

Tell your Avril Lavigne fan phone number?

Her phone number is not pulically known and please respect her privacy. You can reach her on various social networks aswell as her official website.

Where could I find a prison warden's home phone number?

Assuming you have his name already you could search it up through the white pages online. http://www.whitepages.com/ However given his type of job its likely that he may be unlisted to avoid being harassed.

How do you find a name for a phone number you have?

You can do a reverse phone lookup. This is a service that helps you find out who owns a phone number. Visit a public records website and enter all ten digits to get started.

Tell me the most common last name in the phone book?

Smith Johnson Jones Williams Brown Davis Answer: This depends on which phonebook you are using - the above list works for the USA but worldwide the most common name (and likely the most common in a phone book locally or in total is Chang. It should be noted that Smith, the most popu ( Full Answer )

Could you tell which country has highest number of languages spoken?

I will point the European Union (the matter of fact a confederation of countries but with common political bodies like parliament and government), with 23 OFFICIAL languages and an uncountable number of spoken languages and dialects. India has 23 officially recognized languages, with over 1,600 ( Full Answer )

How could you find if a property is under your name?

You can visit the land records office and check the name of the person who did own the property recently to determine if they executed any deeds that have been recorded in the land records. For example, if it's your mother's property you're interested in then check her name in the Grantor index ( Full Answer )

Is it possible that a six digit phone number could call you?

Yes, there are places that have 6-digit telephone numbers. However, the minimum length of a number in international format is 7 digits, including the country code and subscriber number but excluding any dialing prefixes. For example, +683 xxxx could be a valid number in Niue.

How can you tell if someone blocks your phone number?

When you try to call them it tells you there number has been disconected or in a anoying voice it says " Your call can not be completed as dieled plese check the number and try again."

Can you tell where some one lives by their cell phone number?

Not by their number - as it doesn't relate to a specific place. Cell-phone companies CAN trace any mobile to the nearest phone mast to where they are - the network provider NEEDS to know where the phone is, in order to keep it connected to their system !

What could be the solution to look up a cell phone number?

Cell phone look up pages are not ac accurate as landline look ups. Some cell phone carrier block their numbers from sites to protect the privacy of their subscribers. SpyDialer can be used to hear the voicemail greeting of a number that called however if the cell phone owner has not set up a perso ( Full Answer )

Where could one do a reverse phone number search?

Reverse phone searches can be found by contacting the phone company, dialing *69 (if the number in question called you) or by searching various online user-supported reverse phone search directories.

Where could one look up a phone number online?

There are many places one might go to look up a phone number online. One such popular website is the White Pages website, which allows one to look up individuals.

How can you get someone's name and phone number?

If you have a legitimate reason to want to know someone's name andphone number, just ask them. There are also telephone directories organized by street address,called "criss-cross" directories, and online databases that willallow you to search by street address.

How can you get someone's name from their phone number?

Some cities have a reverse directory. You can call and enquire, andthere may be a charge. There are also reverse directory websites,some of which are free, with varying degrees of accuracy andcompleteness. However, if the number is a cellphone or an unlistedlandline, your odds of finding the person' ( Full Answer )