01275340965 could you tell me this phone number is under which name?

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Gauteng province
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Is it cheating if your fiance has his ex's work home and cell numbers programmed in his phone under a man's name?

Answer . I don't know if that's cheating, but there's an obvious trust issue between the two of you. He doesn't trust that you won't look through his phone listings, and

Is your wife cheating if you found out that she saved another man's phone number in her mobile phone under one of her girlfriend's name and she calls the number frequently?

Yes. If she is hiding something, then she is cheating on you in some form. She may not be sleeping with him, but it is still emotional cheating to be hiding. She is giving him

Could you tell this number 042022372 for which country?

It could be any country, looks similar to our Finnish numbers. Usually the + at the beginning holds the country insignia. In Finland it is +358 Sweden is +46. But if it does
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How could you find if a property is under your name?

You can visit the land records office and check the name of the person who did own the property recently to determine if they executed any deeds that have been recorded in the
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How can you tell if someone blocks your phone number?

When you try to call them it tells you there number has been disconected or in a anoying voice it says " Your call can not be completed as dieled plese check the number and tr
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How can you get someone's name and phone number?

If you have a legitimate reason to want to know someone's name andphone number, just ask them. There are also telephone directories organized by street address,called "criss-