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UK area code 01749 covers Shepton Mallet in the county of Somerset.
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What is a prefix?

A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of a word to create a new word with a differentmeaning. Examples : re fill , un do, in complete, pre cooked (Letters added to the end of a root or word are a suffix. ) In science a prefix is used to modify the size of a base unit bygiving a mu ( Full Answer )

What is prefix?

A prefix is a word part put in front of a word to alter its meaning.

What are prefixes?

A prefix is a word form that attaches to the beginning of another word or word root, that alters or specifies its meaning. Examples of prefixes : re- (to repeat or undo an action) : reconstitute, rerun, reenter pre- (before) : preview, preregister, prediction exo- (outside) : exoskeleton, ( Full Answer )

What is the prefix?

A prefix is a series of letters, or a word, that is added to thebeginning of a word and changes the meaning. For example, in theword "midnight", "mid" is the prefix.

Is is a prefix?

No, "is" isn't a prefix. A prefix is a grammar tool which basically you use to alter the context of a noun. In other words, you attach a specific set of letters that does the same thing no matter where it appears. For example. The prefix "a" would be "fixed" (or attached) to the beginning of the wo ( Full Answer )

What is prefix area code 208 991?

If this is a UK question, (020) is the London area code, and that number will be (020) 8991 XXXX. 8991 is the Greenford and Perivale areas near London. In the United States, area code 208 is Idaho, and 208-991 is a number in Boise. As an international number, country code 20 is Egypt, but there a ( Full Answer )

Where in the UK is area code 01749?

01749 is for Shepton Mallet in the county of Somerset. In international format, 01749 becomes +44 1749. (The plus sign means "insert yourinternational access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you canenter the number in full international format, starting with theplus sign. The most common ( Full Answer )

What is the prefix after?

The prefix is before the root word. EXAMPLE : Pre + Scrip = Prescript. This is an EXAMPLE of a suffix. EXAMPLE : Prescript + Ion = Prescription . Here is a EXAMPLE of a prefix and suffix. EXAMPLE: Pre + Script + Ion + Prescription

What is the prefix for out?

Out does not have a prefix, but out itself is a prefix. EX- e.g. exhale (breathe out), exit (go out), external (outside)

What is a prefix of not?

There are ways in which the word 'not' can be prefixed. For example: cannot (can + not, meaning not able, contracted form, ' can't ') whatnot (what + not, meaning a piece of furniture designed to display or store sundry items). have-not (a person with few possessions)

What area code and prefix is 877-868?

Area code 877 is toll-free. It could be anywhere in North America (USA, Canada, etc.), or it could even be an overseas call center taking calls from North America.

Is prefix 473 a cell phone in area code 360?

The 360-473 prefix is in Bremerton, Washington. There's no way to know if a particular number is a cell phone or a landline. Local number portability means that you can change from a cell phone to a landline, or vice-versa, and keep the same number.

Where is 778 area code and 960 prefix?

In North America (USA, Canada, etc.), area code 778 serves theentire Canadian province of British Columbia. The 778-960 prefixserves Richmond, B.C., near Vancouver.

What cell company has the prefix 904 with area code 870?

The (870) 904 prefix is primarily assigned to Verizon Wireless in Magnolia, Arkansas. However, with number portability, a number in that prefix could be served by any phone company (landline or cellular or other) that operates in Magnolia, AR.

Where is area code 613 and prefix 909?

Area code 613 (and overlay area code 343) is Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and nearby areas. The 613-909 prefix is in Ottawa.

Where is 816 area code and 404 prefix?

North American area code 816 is in the area of Kansas City,Missouri, and surrounding communities on the Missouri side. The816-404 prefix is assigned specifically to Kansas City.

Where is area code 312 and 273 prefix?

Area code 312 is downtown Chicago. It includes the Chicago Loop andthe immediate area around it. The 312-273 prefix is mostly forwireless users (cell phones), but may also include some landlinenumbers. Area code 773, which serves the rest of Chicago,completely surrounds area code 312; area code 872 ( Full Answer )

Where is area code 651 and prefix 459?

Area code 651 is the area around St. Paul, Minnesota . The prefix 459 is assigned to the "Twin Cities" rate center, so it could be anywhere in the eastern half of the Twin Cities area.

Where is prefix 138 in area code 415?

Area code 415 serves San Francisco and Marin County, California, but there is no 138 prefix. Telephone prefixes in North America (USA, Canada, etc.) cannot begin with 1.

Which phone company for area code 406 has the prefix 702?

The 406-702 prefix is in Billings, Montana. The primary telephone companies for that prefix are Verizon Wireless and Bresnan Broadband. However, with number portability, a particular number could now be served by any local operator, and a cell phone number could have been ported to a landline or vic ( Full Answer )

Which phone company for area code 406 has the prefix 861?

Most numbers in the 406-861 prefix in Billings, Montana, belong to Cingular Wireless, which is now part of AT&T. However, with number portability, any specific number could have been switched to a different cellular carrier, or even to a landline.

What is are prefixes?

Prefixes are a part of a word that go in the beginning of a word. They also usually have meanings that come from the Latin or Greek language.

What is a prefixs?

A prefix is the beginning of a word. Prefixes often have meanings from the Latin or Greek language.

Where is area code 525 prefix 237?

There is no area code +1 525 in North America (USA, Canada, etc.).It is unassigned. Telephone country code +52 is Mexico, but there are no validnumbers beginning with +52 5237. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number i ( Full Answer )

What are prefixs?

Prefixes are additions to the beginning of words that influence the meaning of that word. For example, in the word "imperfect," "im" is the prefix that is added to the root word, "perfect." In this instance, "im" has a negative meaning, changing the meaning of the word "perfect" from its definition ( Full Answer )

What cell company has the prefix 258 with area code 501?

The 501-258 prefix serves Little Rock, Arkansas. The primarycompany associated with that prefix is AT&T; however, withnumber portability, any specific number in the 501-258 prefix couldbe served by any local telephone company in that area, includingboth cellular and landline companies.

Is or a prefix?

Yes. Looking at many different words that the English language has acquired, words that have prefix of or-, trace back to Greek roots. The Greek word "ora" which means "of the mouth" comonly used in text which described the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

What area is 039702 telephone prefix?

There are domestic telephone area codes similar to 039702 in manydifferent countries. It's impossible to say where it is withoutknowing which country you're asking about.

What is the area code for the prefix 242?

The whole point of area codes is that the same prefix can exist inmany different area codes, so there is no possible way to answeryour question.

What are the prefixes in area code 519?

In North America (USA, Canada, etc.), area code 519 is southernOntario, Canada, including London and Windsor, in an overlay witharea code 226. Area code 548 will be added as a further overlay in2015. There are more than 700 prefixes in area code 519, far too many tolist here.

Where is area code 815 with a prefix of 315?

In North America (USA, Canada, etc.), area code 815 is northernIllinois outside the Chicago metropolitan area. The 815-315 prefixis assigned to Rockford, Illinois .

Where is the area code for 634 prefix?

The 634 prefix exists in most area codes. The whole point of havingarea codes is that you can use the same prefix many times.

Where is area code 415 prefix 601?

Area code 415 serves most of San Francisco and Marin County,California, plus a small part of northern San Mateo County. The415-601 prefix is assigned to San Francisco.