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No, all UK phone numbers beginning with 01, 02 and 03 are regular chargeable calls.

Freephone numbers will always begin with:
0500 (rare)
116 (special helplines)
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For free personal 800 numbers for free?

800 numbers aren't free. You need to subscribe to a certain RespOrg (Responsible Organization) in order to have an 800 toll free number. Try Google Voice if you want to hav

Where in the UK is area code 01792?

01792 is for Swansea and the surrounding area insouth Wales. Local numbers have six digits. In international format, 01792becomes +44 1792. (The plus sign means "insert y

What is the toll-free number for the IRS?

1-800-829-1040 IRS has lots of toll-free telephone numbers:800-829-1040 - IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals 800-829-4933 -Business and Specialty Tax Line (new) 800-829-1954 -

Is a 1300 number free?

If you are in Australia and you call the 1300 number, you will pay normal local rate from any location across the country using the land line. If you use your mobile phone, th

Are 0800 numbers free?

In the UK, 0800 numbers are normally free from landline phones(including a normal home phone or a payphone). From all mobile phones the numbers are now free.

Who is number is 01792 474700?

Courtesy of "WhoCallsMe" the following information is supplied. This scam caller is well-documented on the web. They are called "Communications Direct" and operate from Swanse

Is a toll number a free number?

In general, no. A toll number is a number for which a charge may apply. A free number is a number for which no charge applies.

Where can I get cheap or free toll-free numbers?

If you want a toll-free number for your own business or personaluse, contact your long distance company. Most long distancecompanies can set you up with a toll-free number, or
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Who does 01792 211846 belong to?

Spam Solicitor Company, hanging up on connection. possibly charged to receive calls from this number. Download a phone number blocking app and add this to the block list.
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What exchange is 01792?

01792 is the area code for Swansea. The city and surrounding areaare served by several different telephone exchanges for differentareas and telephone companies.
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What area has STD code 01792?

You need to specify the country; see the related questions below. Swansea - in the UK. Solan, Himachal Pradesh - in India
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Where in India is telephone area code 01792?

India's telephone area code (or "STD Code") 01792 (international:+91 1792) is Solan, Himachal Pradesh . (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here.