01 Malibu 31 replaced thermostat no leaks anywhere except out of overflow did compression test on all cylinders all good and no oil in coolant and no coolant in oil but still overheats then cools?

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radiator core could be plugged, cap on the coolant reservoir is not maintaining proper pressure. is water pump working properly!! I would flush system and see if this works, buy a good radiator flush at any auto parts place. you can flush the radiator by adding flush to coolant tank, then put a garden hose in tank and back flush it. as long as you have a new thermostat in, you do not need to take it out!! flush until the radiator is clear. when done add new coolant. I did this to mine when changing intake manifold gasket. and it does not over heat it is fine!! HOPE THIS HELPS YA OUT.
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Why would coolant leak from the overflow bottle?

Answer I have a 1996 Jimmy and recently replaced the thermostat. I know the raditor drain plug is not too far under the coolant recovery tank, if not that, you may simply have a hole in the tank. From what I've heard, I would use caution using stop leak products, but I am far from an expert.. The ( Full Answer )

Replaced thermostat and radiator on 96 Camry 4-cylinder but now car is overheating and no heat when the car is overheating fans all work and now coolant is leaking from a tube What do you think?

Answer . Your description sounds like the thermostat is faulty. If the thermostat is stuck closed, there will be no heat for the interior. New thermostat's are occasionally bad, it has happened to me. The coolant is leaking from what tube? \nYou can verify the thermostat operation, but unfortuna ( Full Answer )

You have a 99 Chevy Malibu you had a coolant leak took it to Chevy garage they said they had to replace the timing cover gaskets you am still losing coolant have you been taken for a ride?

perhaps the leak is somewhere else. may be you have not been taken for a ride but your mechanic did not follow proper procedures to pinpoint the problem he was more interested in your money and not on finding your problem. you need to run your engine and then carefully not to injure your self take a ( Full Answer )

Why would my Chevy Malibu leak all the oil out at once?

Answer . Where is it leaking from? It could be as simple as a missing/loose oil plug or oil filter. Unfortunately it could also be a rear main seal. Some Chev v8's have an oil cooler line that connects near the oil filter. The "o-ring" in that connector often fails resulting in rapid oil loss.

87 Chevy truck always runs cool but you have to add coolant or water weekly there is some coffee colored oil on filler cap but oil in pan looks great and no leaks anywhere help going on for a month?

Answer . The condition you describe indicates the existence of an internal leak in the head gasket which permits circulating coolent to enter one or more cylinders where it is vaporized and discharged along with the exhaust gases. This situation can only be remedied by replacing the head gasket ( Full Answer )

My 1994 camaro z28 overheats and leaks out coolant i already replaced the radiator and thermostat what could the problem be?

\n. \n Cooling Systems \n. \nNext step after this would be to replace the radiator pressure cap, check ALL hoses for deterioration and leaks, check the coolant resevior bottle for leaks, and all connections to it. Check the drain plug and make sure it's snug in the bottom of radiator. Also, ( Full Answer )

Why does the coolant boils and overflows to the radiator reservoir leaving the radiator low in coolant thus will overheat replaced 2 radiator caps thermostat reservoir tank and hoses 93 Camry V6 LE?


Would a faulty thermostat cause engine coolant to leak in a 1997 Chevy Malibu?

Coolant Leak Probably not. If you don't already know a thermostats job is to open up to allow coolant to flow throughout the engine once it has warmed up; and it's supposed to stay closed until the engine has warmed up. A stuck open thermostat will have an engine take forever to warm up as coolant ( Full Answer )

Oil in the coolant?

Oil in the coolant is never good. Unless it was poured in the rad by mistake (flush the rad and replace the coolant), it means there is a serious leak in the engine that needs to be repaired immediately. The usual causes are: head gasket leak, warped/cracked head, intake gasket leak, warped/cracked ( Full Answer )

Coolant leak mixed with oil?

Generally, when you find anti-freeze in your oil, it is usually a bad head gasket. However, it can also be caused by a cracked head or a cracked engine block. Was the vehicle ever overheated or run low on coolant? You might try a little shade-tree mechanic trick and add "Bar's Leak" (pellets only, d ( Full Answer )

Where is coolant leak in 93 Olds Cutlass Supreme No puddles not in oil. Reservoir doesn't leak but empties out. Car is not overheating. I have heard of some cars forcing it out an overflow hose.?

I would venture a bet, that you have a Lower Intake Manifold Gasket that is blown. And the gasket is causing the coolant to enter the combustion area, and be blown out the exhaust. Come over and join www.w-body.com/forum and I am sure one of the members there can help you further in determining the ( Full Answer )

How do you get oil out of coolant?

flush system and depending on how it got there you may want to look at either head gasket or intake gasket

What does it mean when a 97 Ford Taurus overheats coolant leaks and steams from the overflow tank and the coolant in the tank is the color of rusty water?

i had that problem....thermostat was stuck closed.jusr replace thermostat,like $5 It could be a thermostat, or a water pump, or any other component in the system. The key here though, is probably the color of the coolant. Rusty brown coolant indicates dirt or rust in the system, or that someone ( Full Answer )

Fix coolant leaking into oil?

Sounds like a bad head gasket or cracked head problem but we really need to know the year, make, model and engine to help you.

Oil is in the coolant?

Then you more than likely have a cracked head or blown head gasket. Stop driving the vehicle and have it looked at by a professional.

How can coolant leak into your 1996 BMW 328i oil?

Most likely, your head gasket no longer seals properly. Coolant and oil normally circulate through separate channels in your engine. A faulty head gasket allows oil to pass into the coolant channels and vice versa. If your gasket is leaking, you will also have loss of compression in one or more cyli ( Full Answer )

How does coolant get into the oil?

There are a few ways this can occur. If there are no other symptoms it might just be a leak in the front cover (where water pump is bolted to engine). A blown cylinder head gasket, cracked head or engine block could also be the cause. These are usually (but not always) accompanied by other symptoms. ( Full Answer )

Oil is in your coolant overflow tank in your Chevy lumina van?

Engine? 3.1L V6 are notorious for intake manifold gasket leaks. get it fixed soon or your engine is at risk. My Lumina had oil in coolant and coolant in oil. If there is tan foamy stuff on oil fill cap, coolant is in oil too.

Why is there engine coolant in the oil and oil in the coolant?

Need more info. Year, engine size and what it is in so I can answer your question correctly. You will have to ask your question again with this information and your problem. Failed oil cooler, headgasket, cracked head, etc.

Why would there be coolant leaking into the oil in a 1995 Gran am?

I'm assuming your grand am has a 3400 v6 which are known for intake and head gaskets leaking. so its possible that one of those gaskets are leaking so bad that coolant is leaking from intake/heads down onto your valvetrain and then down into your oil pan. more than likely its your intake gaskets lea ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to drive with coolant water leaking in oil tank?

no!!!!! stop and have the head gasket replaced that is most common reason for coolant leak into oil pan. ---------------- After 35 years of owning my own auto repair shop my experience has been that the most common reason for antifreeze in the oil is a bad intake manifold gasket....Bad head gasket ( Full Answer )

If your water pump had been replaced on your 1998 Chevy Malibu but the coolant still leaks what can be the problem?

There is a service bulletin that I just found for 1997-1999 Chevy Malibu 2.4L which can be found by searching 00-06-02-009 DEC 00 service bulletin. Something about those models if they contain the letter T in the VIN number leaking small amounts from the weeping hole. Not sure if this is your issue ( Full Answer )

Engine oil leaking into coolant water?

That is not good, at all. That could be a blown head gasket, or even a crack in your engine somewhere not visible. The only way to tell is to tear your engine down and find the problem. It would just be best to take it to a certified mechanic. To be sure it is coolant and oil, does your exhaust smok ( Full Answer )

What if coolant leaked into oil and car now won't start?

You have a blown head gasket, cracked head, or both. The engine must be taken apart and head gasket & head possibly replaced. If you drove it in this condition for a long period of time you may have totally destroyed this engine and it will need a complete overhaul.

How do you fill coolant once it has all leaked out Leak was fixed?

put a coke box or crate under the belly pan so the front end of the sled is higher then the back end pour your coolant in until it wants to overflow..Start it up & run it the reason for the front being up higher is so all the coolant flows back into the heat exchangers & does not create an air lock. ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the coolant in the overflow tank?

You usually need to remove the tank to pour the old out or have asuction device to drain it out. ======= Just adding to the answer : I use a cheap plastic turkey baster that I bought at Wal*Mart ( it doesn't take as long as I thought it would )