01 aztek and the leveling system runs once you start the car and the rear shocks are in the open position constantly any ideas?

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check the small short steel rod that runs from the rear axle to a small lever its almost in the middle of the axle it could be broken or the plastic end on it is bad. it acts as a switch, if it is bad the compressor will not shut off and the shocks will keep filling. when weight is put on the car it turns on
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Why would your car be constantly hard to start?

Answer . This depends greatly on what kind and year of car and what kind of engine. This is just too general to answer. Joe. Answer . \nSounds like a major lack of maintenance, I'd start there if it isn't too late.

How do you replace the rear shocks on a 1998 Lincoln Town car?

hey there buddy try going to shocks in-stead of air, air are better of course air ride is also comfertable but pricy when it comes time to replace it i had air ride on my 95 town car it went out on me so i changed it too shocks and putting them on are easy just do what you do when taking them off ju ( Full Answer )

My '01 SC2 was running just fine a few hours later got in it and it won't start wont crank it makes no noise at all but has power It is not the battery and the fuses have been checked any Idea?

If your SURE that the cables and grounds are good,than the starter solenoid located piggyback ( I believe on this model)on the starter needs to be checked. Many times the starter/soleoid assembly is replaced as a unit. What happens is after years of service, the solenoid develops a burnt area that p ( Full Answer )

95Z28 LT1 was running fine put gas in it and it didnt start after about 2 mins it started and on my way home it started acting up and quit once i got home it turns over but does not start any ideas?

Answer . Try using a little starting fluid to see if it will run briefly. If it starts then dies as soon as you quit using starting fluid, the problem is related to fuel. Check the fuel pressure at the injectors. Most vehicles have a fuel pressure test port and you should be able to find out the ( Full Answer )

How can the alarm on a 1996 VW Jetta be permanently disabled - No matter locked or unlocked the alarm system is armed Of course when it is on the car wont start Any ideas?

michaelfahey@comcast.net Date:9/13/2004 Subject:1995 jetta. You have two choices fix the alarm by installing a new tumbler, or disable your alarm.. Either way you'll need to remove the drivers door handle.. Open the door, undo the torx screw just above the lock, turn key clockwise and hold, then. ( Full Answer )

95 aurora with the r's high above 2200 the car runs normal and has pressure but at idle it will heat up to around 240. and have no pressure. any ideas. System has no leaks.?

Answer . \nA flaky TPS (throttle position sensor) will send inaccurate data to the computer and the computer will compensate with added air just as if you were to press the accelerator. The only other possibility may be the throttle plate on some Auroras has been known to be a little tight causi ( Full Answer )

What causes the flap above the compartment air filter to open and close constantly when the car is running How can you stop it?

HVAC Recirculation I believe it's the HVAC recirculation door actuator that has busted. You should just buy a new one. Answer I believe it's the HVAC recirculation door actuator that has busted. You should just buy a new one. There is a small electric motor that opens and closes the recirc air fla ( Full Answer )

What causes car to run only with key in full start position?

Sorry, not an answer... . Sorry this is no answer. I'm having the same trouble w/ my 84 Accord...and had it w/ a 79. I couldn't figure it out so I junked it. Chrysler products used to do this and all you had to do was replace the ballast resistor. But I can't find such a thing on my car. I d ( Full Answer )

99 olds intrigue fuel gauge always shows full when car is started any ideas car runs fine I just stop and fill up every 250 miles?

__ Answer __ Its def the sending unit, it comes with the fuel pump, auto-zone 255.00, dealer 400+. But, what is so cool is that you do not have to remove the gas tank, there is a door in the trunk (like volkswagons) remove some screws, remove that (under the carpet) then you can remove the whole pu ( Full Answer )

2004 Dodge dually diesel When you start the truck with the door open the lights flash and the horn honks Sometimes it starts going off when you open the door with truck running Any ideas?

Answer try reseting the computer unplug the batterys for about 30sec this should reset the computer if not then put the truck in the run posison with out starting it push the gas down hard three to five times the key to off then to the run with out starting then off then start it Dodge had a recal ( Full Answer )

The trunk on your 02 X-Type will not open with the key or button on lid the trunk and there is no release button in the car or under the rear license plate does anyone have any ideas how to open this?

Answer . Call a locksmith. I have the same prob, out of the blues .............the car-trunk just locked try locking & unlocking w/ the remote no luck, couple hits to the plate as well pushes on top and nothing. It's late now to look under the hood/fuse box and check it out, if anyone out there ( Full Answer )

Why will a car not start after running hot but will start once it had cooled down?

Answer . I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee that did this. When I took it into the service station it needed an ignition module. Once this was fixed I never had a problem again. It's really hard to tell, could be anything in there heating up and causing it stop working. Could be with the fuel inject ( Full Answer )

1994 Geo Prizm Idol Problem. Any Suggestions Car dies when idol or AC pump is on. Replaced-o2 sensor ICSmapp sensor fuel reg fuel pump tried different throttle positions. Running out of ideas?

I Think it could be the oxigen sensor,air filter,PVC valve,spark plugs,and wiring,check the heat,in the meter,if is normal,fuel pump,belt tension,I would check all this and replace all this parts if you haven't change them,you also have to consider the milage,the motor it self,the rings in the and p ( Full Answer )

My car starts but dies within a few seconds any ideas?

Answer . Check the battery, or the alternator, check for a missing fuss or maybe your spark plugs aren't catching, check the gas line, get more gas, check the transmission. If your car hasn't been running for a long time then let it run for a couple minutes.

Check engine light came on then car started stalling when you accelerated any ideas?

It sounds like you may have a bad mass air sensor. I just had this same problem on my daughters 94 Nissan quest. I bought a rebuilt mass air sensor for about 100 dollars and installed it myself( its easy to install)... they wanted 600dollars for the sensor alone and 80 dollars to install it at the d ( Full Answer )

Your 1998 ford windstar starts up fine but then stalls unless you rev the engine for a little while but once its running it runs fine until the next time you go to start it any ideas why?

1) fouled spark plugs 2) fuel mixture problem (as from vacuum leak or some such thing) requires O2S feedback to compensate 3) bad IAC, can't move to high-idle position. When engine warms up, desired IAC position closer to stuck position If your check engine light is on, consider if any stored ( Full Answer )

In your 306 the engine cooling fans are disconnected at the moment because when connected and the ignition is on they run constantly any ideas why they run constantly would be helpful and any fixes?

When your engine's stopped running the fan should come on or stay on to cool the engine down,it should stop when it reaches the correct temperature which is set by the switch, located near top of fan. If the fans coming on as soon as you put ignition key in, it sounds like the switch is faulty.

How do i get the rear hatch to open when it is stuck closed on a 2001 Pontiac aztek?

There is a fues that you can pull out and then put it back in. when you do that, it will reset and you should be able to use your remote or the button inside. look in your user manual for the correct fuse. also, i couldn't open mine with the remote or button, but the key would work, so you may try t ( Full Answer )

89.190e 2.6 6-cyldr with over 200000 miles runs great but recently the car has loud thumping sound in the rear half the car when driven possibly broke something when running over someone any ideas?

I have the same exact car but a rare 5 spead: it took me years to find it and I love it. The same thing happened to me this time of the year for three straight years. I live in New Hampshire and it is caused by hitting something like frost heaves. Each time it has been one of the tires. Try totating ( Full Answer )

1999 Intrigue starts and runs fine with the remote start put the key in and turn it to the on position and the dash goes haywire Put it in gear and it dies Any ideas?

Remote starters are not allowed for in the engineering of the electrical system and will usually give the results you're seeing unless installed and maintained by a highly capable dealer. I would take the car back to the place that installed it, if you know who that is, or take it to an automotive e ( Full Answer )

Ford focus disel tick over fine but every now and again when running car it starts to splutter for a bit the seems to correct itself any ideas?

Is it high mileage, or is there a chance that dirty fuel has been used? You could try changing the fuel filter if this is the case, then try a shot of Injector Cleaner in the fuel. Use one of the expensive Injector Cleaners, the type that you can't buy from the petrol station. You may find a local M ( Full Answer )

My Subaru Forrester radio was fine then made a static noise. No sound played on the left rear and left front speakers. Right front and right rear play at a whisper. Start car hear static. Any ideas?

Do you only have a radio, or do you have a tape or CD player. If you have one of them, do they work OK? IF so, then you have an antenna problem. Try loosening and cleaning the antenna socket ( if it is a regular stalk antenna). IF it is an "in-glass" antenna, you can try to tighten the connection at ( Full Answer )

Cant open ford explorer 1997 with the key fob so cant start car either because of imobilizer any ideas?

You should be able to unlock the door with the key, when you do that it should deactivate the immobilizer. Sometimes you have to hold the key in the unlock position for a couple seconds or double turn it that way to get it to deactivate.. Manufacturers understand that batteries die. There's always ( Full Answer )

If you constantly run your car with a dead battery will this hurt your alternator?

Yes, alternators are designed to maintain the battery, or recharge a battery that has been slightly discharged from starting the car. When the alternator is used to recharge a dead battery, it causes the alternator work harder and longer than it is designed for, causing it to overheat, thus causing ( Full Answer )

Why does your car still run with dead battery cells once it as a jump started?

Because as the engine turns it produces electricity through the alternator but not stored so once the engine is switched off the car has to rely on the battery to start again. For instance, an F1 race car carries no battery so it has to be started externally, jump started really. Once it stalls it c ( Full Answer )