01 voyager head light blink like hazard even when car is off?

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Sounds like an alarm system most likely check under dash or hood for alarm and disconnect. Also could be a bad hazard switch.
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Why do the parking lights on your 1998 Subaru Legacy blink when the cars is turned off?

Answer . \nYour system may just need to be reset. That recently happened to me and the Subaru service dept was able to fix it quickly and easily. I think it happens when your vehicle suffers a power failure. My battery had died, and upon replacement, the lights flashed. Also my power locks ceased ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with a car when the 'Overdrive Off' light continues to blink and you can't turn it off?

I have a 1994 Ford Taurus SHO and ever couple of weeks this OVERDRIVE OFF lite flashes for a couple of days then goes off. I suspect it has something to do with the transmission and its electronic sensors. Take your car to a transmission shop and hook up an analyzer to the ECM for the transmission. ( Full Answer )

Why would the hazard lights blink on all four lights but the turn signals do not flash?

funny you should ask... this just happend to me, two days ago [!] on my 1995 Chevy lumina. i read the owner's manual, and found that the turn signals will not work, as long as the hazard lights are engaged. well, needless to say, not only had i *not* engaged the hazard lights, but as it turns out, i ( Full Answer )

Why is check engine light blinking and it smells like gas when the car is on?

Answer . \nWhen it is blinking, it means that damage is being done to the converter. You smell fuel because it is running so rich. There is possibly a sensor the has gone bad and is telling the computer to add more fuel. There is so much going into the motor than it can burn it and some of the ( Full Answer )

Why is your Parking light blinking when car is on and off?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThis is probably caused by leaving your Hazard Lights on, but may also be an electrical short. Have it checked by an automotive electrical technician if you have tried to turn off the Hazard Lights switch and they still stay on

Your trailer lights and signals all work until you turn on your vehicle head light when headlights are on and you signal left or right the trailer lights blink as if the hazards are on you checked the?

Answer . grounding. Almost always an inadequate ground for one or other the light assembly or most commonly the ground between trailer and tow vehicle (tongue ground is not enough) - inadequate ground can work with low current loads and behave as if dead circuit with the higher load of additiona ( Full Answer )

Where is the security sensor located at in 1997 Buick Riviera The security light usually blinked on and off when getting in the car now it will blink and then stay on and the car will not start until?

Usually in the ign lock cylinder if you have the VATs type key with the resistor in the key. The wires attached to the key lock cylinder often break. If you have the "pass key" type without the little resistor chip then it is different. But it also usually involves removing the key lock cylinder. ( Full Answer )

What is a hazard light on a car?

Answer . A Hazard light on a car is nothing more then all 4 blinkers going at the same time.. Hope This Helps.

Head lights come on after the car is off?

Answer . this happened to me about a week ago. i guess its some kind of computer problem, i never really figured out why it did it, but I disconnected the battery (only the negative side) and left it that way for about 24 hrs and then when i reconnected the battery it started functioning correctl ( Full Answer )

Why does my engine light blink on and off continuously?

A flashing check engine light indicates that you have problem that will damage the catalytic converter. You should have the check engine light checked very quick/tomorrow,if not sooner. converters cost over $800.00.. A flashing check engine light indicates that you have problem that will damage the ( Full Answer )

How do you get the ac light to stop blinking on a 1998 plymoth voyager?

You need to reset the console: Start the car. Turn blowers on FULL, and open all A/C ports (Rear, front...). If you can tell, it is better to have the A/C compressor off. (Often you can't tell, or you wouldn't be concerned with the flashing lights, right?) Turn front air to PANEL. Press simu ( Full Answer )

Why would the head lights stay on when the car is off?

\nSome cars had a delayed headlight turn-off system, to keep the lights on for a minute or two after the car was turned off. This was to provide you a courtesy light as you walked up to your front door.

Why do the hazard lights blink when break?

if you mean: "why do hazard lights flash when brakes are on", then the answer is because vehicles are equipped with a hazard light relay that supercedes the brake lights. This way, slow moving vehicles can operate under hazard lighting.

Why are your brake lights on even when the car is off in your 93 paseo?

Ah yes, the infamous brake light switch is your problem. Underneath the driver dash, look right above the brake pedal, there is a little roundish kinda piece there that is the brake light activator. It should be fully compressed while the brake is at normal spot. If there is a small nub comming o ( Full Answer )

Why does my rear defrost button light blink on an 01 Durango?

This is due too the hvac control head needs to have the mode doors recalibrated. If the recalibration fails repairs will need to be made until the system will past I don't know of anyway to by pass the recalibration at this time.. You will need to see a dodge dealership for this to be done.

What causes lights to blink on and off in your car?

The flasher unit for the indicators. Pressing and releasing the foot brake for the brake lights. Turning the light switch on and of for the others. If it is not any of these then there is an electrical fault, possibly a loose connection.

Why does your Crown Victoria lights blink on and off?

well there is a lot of reasons for that matter the turning signal may be left on, you may have left on your caution lights, or if the car has an alarm system it may use the lights to indicate that you have locked or unlocked your vehicle or if you did not lock your vehicle the vehicle may be program ( Full Answer )

How you off the blinking light in iphone?

If you are referring to the problem of te LED on the phone blinking dirrong a message or alert then you are in luck because it is a quik fix. I had the same problem and I had just felt with it until I stumbled upon the sulution. You simply go into settings then general than accesabilty then go down ( Full Answer )

Does a car alarm go off when the red blinking light is on?

A car that has a alarm will usually have a red light on the instrument panel that when you lock the car with the key fob will come on and stay on for a few seconds. After the alarm is set the light will begin to flash. To test the alarm roll down the drivers window and close all the doors and trunk ( Full Answer )

What does blinking overdrive off light mean?

If the O/D OFF light is flashing while you are driving you should take the vehicle in for servicing as soon as you can because you can cause damage to the transmission

Why would the reverse light stay on even when the car is off on your 2003 vauxhall vectra?

Always work to the wiring schematic and electrics chapters in the repair manual. Ask the question, "What did I do last?" It might have bearing on the fault. If you have a tow bar fitted check that the connector wiring is correct and that it isn't shored out. Check the light clusters for bad ( Full Answer )