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you type the number on your phone then call it
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How do you reset the phone lock on samsung SGH-E250?

step 1. Switch off your moblie Remove the Sim and switch on the mobile at this stage mobile show the massage"Insert the SIM" Enter this code *2767*3855# let it reboot(restart) now its ready for permanent. step 2. now put this code *7465625*638*00000000*00000000# (I will show in t (MORE)

How do you increase your bass-strength on a samsung SGH-E250?

Just type: *#8999*8378# now u get a menu named "Test Mode". choose "H/W test" then choose "Audio Settings".. now u get lots of choises. choose number 13. its called "IIS Normal 2". when u see "ear gain" "hfr gain" and "rx vol" under "IIS Normal 2",increase "ear gain" from 11 upto 15 and optionally (MORE)

Privacy code in samsung e250?

first, go to the settings, then click the security, choose PRIVACY, then click all you want to have a password, then enter a password, which is 00000000 that is the password, if you want to change your password, click change password.. enter first the 00000000 before your own password..

How do you increase the volume on SGH-E250?

................ the answer to ur question ............... 1.type the code *#8999*8378# as u wuld do to make a call.. 2.go to 2nd option h\w test in the menu shown... 3.enter audio settings in it 4.Go to iis normal 2(13th option) for music volume n iis normal(simply)(10th option) for phone (MORE)

How do you unlock a samsung sgh-A707?

All you have to do it type in the unlock code That will unlock the phone to use on any carrier; The problem you are faced with now is that the a707 only accepts 3G sim cards. If you are using T Mobile just ask them they should give you the code. If not, you are just out of luck as there are new f (MORE)

What is the code to increase volume of SGH-E250?

best way to enhance music volume n phone volume... try the trick.. 1.type the code *#8999*8378# as u wuld do to make a call.. 2.go to 2nd option h\w test in the menu shown... 3.enter audio settings in it 4.Go to iis normal 2(13th option) for music volume n iis normal(simply)(10th option) f (MORE)

How do you add a ringtone to a Samsung SGH-E250?

Use the Samsung PC Studio application on your computer to downloadmusic and ringtones to your Samsung SGH-E250. From there, youshould be able to assign a ringtone to a contact, alarm, or otherfeatures normally.

Reset code Samsung sgh-t809?

The code is: *2767*3855# to reset the phone back to the factory settings, but not sure if it will work on the T809 as the code is for the D500 and doesn't work on all Samsungs. There ya go!

How to unlock password for samsung sgh E250?

step 1. -------- 1-Switch off your mobile 2-Remove the Sim and switch on the mobile at this stage mobile show the message "Insert the SIM" 3-Enter this code : *2767*3855# let it reboot(restart) now its ready for permanent. step 2. -------- 1-now put this code : *7465625*638*00000000*0 (MORE)

How do you unlock a Samsung sgh-t819?

Usually you can look underneath the phone battery. Look for a small sticker with numbers on it. Look for the IMEI code. (Thats part of the total code) . With that code written down (CORRECTLY!) just Google search how to unlock your phone model. . Lots of sites have the other part of the code. Ju (MORE)

PUK code for samsung E250?

"hi ive just locked my phone but does any one have a puk code to unlock the sim would be very grateful if anyone could help" . PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ASKING A QUESTION AS AN ANSWER TO ANOTHER QUESTION!!! . The answer to this question is simple- there is NO way to get your PUK code without contacting (MORE)

Samsung sgh-e250 unlock code?

If you want to unlock your Samsung SGH E250 phone from thenetwork lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code fromSuperunlockcodes.com at reasonable price.

Samsung SGH-E250 network lock?

You can remove network lock from Samsung E250 using code that canbe purchased from any vendors online like ProUnlocking.com

How do you install theme and software in Samsung SGH E250?

Install via USB Hello Guys, after lot of research and tryouts we have found out how to install application and games on your sgh e250 using a data cable rather than a blutooth dongle. This procedure proves to be much more successful and fun. == Must have Softwares: == 1. Java uploader (MORE)

Network unlock code Samsung e250?

You can buy the network unlock code for your Samsung E250 from network provider or a \nthird party provider like Simpleunlocking.com and follow the free \nunlocking instructions from Mobileunlockguide.com so that you can remove\nthe network lock easily.

Samsung e250 sp lock code for virgin network?

2767*688# = Unlocking Code *#8999*8378# = All in one Code *#4777*8665# = GPSR Tool *#8999*523# = LCD Brightness *#8999*3825523# = External Display *#8999*377# = Errors #*5737425# = JAVA Something{I choose 2 and it chrashed}][/b] *#2255# = Call List . *#7465625# = Check the locks (MORE)

Unlock Samsung sgh j700?

You can unlock your Samsung SGH-J700 mobile phone by using anunlock code.You can get this code from Theunlockarena.com atreasonable price.

How do you unfreeze samsung sgh A717?

Shut down the power ( turn it off). If you can not turn it off, just take out the battery. Then put it back in and turn it on. This should fix the problem.

What is the PUK code for Samsung E250?

Stop messing with it immediately. Only your service provider can provide you with your PUK. It is not on your box and it is not on the card that the SIM card was punched out of. The PUK is unique to each SIM card so nobody on here can give you one (well, I guess they can but it will not work) and if (MORE)

Can you use Opera Mini in a Samsung SGH L700?

You can try going to Opera Mini's download page on you cellphone. If it is compatible, you will be able to download and use it. However, if this is not the case, it will inform you of it..

What is the factory default security code for the Cingular Samsung SGH-X427 mobile phone?

http://mobile-cellphones.blogspot.com/2007/04/samsung-cellular-phone-unlock.html Samsung cellular phone Unlock CODE Samsung cellular phone SGH-600 : *2767*3855# samsung S100, S300, V200 : *2767*7822573738# ---A300, A800 : *2767*637# ---X100 : *2767*688# samsung cellphone sgh-600 (MORE)

Unlock code for Samsung sgh-b130?

You can enter unlock code using three following instructions: 1. Insert a foreign sim card (the sim card which is not supportedby Your phone) 2. The phone should ask for an unlock code 3. Enter Unfreeze or Defreeze code ( unsuccessful message mayappear ) 4. Enter NCK or Network code The phone is now (MORE)

How do you unlock Samsung sgh t239?

To unlock a samsung sgh t239, one must have the proper unlock code. This specific code can be found on various tech websites, but one should be careful to choose a trustworthy site.

How do you unfreeze Samsung sgh-e250?

This has happened to me many times. Try taking the battery out, putting it back in and switching it on. If this doesn't work you may need to contact your local technology advice centre or technology shop.

Unlocking code for Paris Hilton diamond quest samsung SGH L700?

If you are looking to unlock your phone so you can use it on most GSM providers worldwide, then you would need the unique unlock code for that. Unlock codes are calculated off of the IMEI # of the phone, model and carrier to which the phone is locked to.

What codes do you use to increase the volume on your Samsung SGH-M620?

و بالتوفيق إن شاء الله written by Samrat P at Mar 9, 2008 Samsung Secret Codes Software version: *#9999# IMEI number: *#06# Serial number: *#0001# Battery status- Memory capacity : *#9998*246# Debug screen: *#9998*324# - *#8999*32 (MORE)

How do you recover the phone lock code for a samsung sgh-a927?

If you have forgotten or do not have the phone lock code then the only way around it is to perform a master reset. A master reset changes the phone settings back to the manufacturer default settings. This process will erase all downloaded settings, downloaded applications (graphics, wallpapers, ring (MORE)

How do you unlock Samsung sgh t249?

You can unlock your Samsung SGH-T249 mobile phone from the networklock by using an unlock code.You can get this code fromTheunlockarena.com at reasonable price.

How do you reset a samsung sgh-480i?

2767*3855# Master Reset Admin Settings: *#6984125*# Admin Settings - Internals (submenu): *#9072641*# Developer Settings: *#0523# *#06# IMEI *#1234# Software version *#1111# FTA S/w version *#2222# Hardware info *#0206*8376263# F/W and H/W version *#0*# Test menu *#0228# (MORE)

What is the unlock code for Samsung SGH-E105?

The Samsung SGH-E105, like most phones, has its own unique unlock code. You can call your service provider (Whichever service provider the phone is locked to) and request an unlock code. However there may be a fee for this or they may simply refuse to co-operate depending on how long you have been r (MORE)

What is the sim lock code for samsung SGH-T401G?

You can purchase the sim lock code from any commercial vendors online like Theunlockspot.com where you just have to submit your IMEI number,country and network to them.. Further by the instruction they provide you yourself can unlock it step by step..

How do you jailbreak Samsung SGH-T679?

You can get unlock code from any of the unlocking company which providing phone unlock codes, be assure they support your phone model and network for unlocking. purchase the unlock code from them and follow the instructions they provide with unlock code, and you will easily unlock your samsung ph (MORE)

Where can a Samsung SGH F480 be bought?

A Samsung SGH F480 could be bought off of the website called Cell Kraze. This site has most models of cell phones and the Samsung SGH F480 is usually in stock.