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What did slave owners do?

they beat the slaves,and were often really cruel. Some had good hearts,but that was rare. The deeper South,the crueler the master.

Who is the owner of ZARA?

Óscar Pérez Marcote is the director general of ZARA. You can find more information from the Wikipedia article at the related link.

Who is McDonald's owner?

According to Mr. Franchise of Franchise Foundations, there is no single owner of McDonalds Corporation - it is a publicly traded company and is owned by thousands and thousands of shareholders. Mr. Franchise notes that, contrary to the previous answer, the owner of McDonalds is not Ronald McDonald. (MORE)

Who is owner of ganz?

Samuel and Sam Ganz were two brothers that founded the Canadiancompany called Ganz in 1950. Originally called 'Ganz Toys', theyare manufacturers and sellers of toys, collectibles and plushanimals. With its headquarters located in Ontario, Canada, nowadaysit's run by Sam Ganz and his son Howard.

What is owners equity?

Owner's equity is considered the source of the company's assets.Owner's equity is also referred to as the book value of thecompany, which include the reported assets minus the reportedliabilities.

The owner of McDonald's?

The original McDonald's BBQ restaurant was opened by Dick and Mac McDonald in 1940. It really became the McDonald's we know (and love?) in 1948 after closing for three months. McDonald's operates a franchise which means individual restaurants are a joint investment between a manager (franchisee) a (MORE)

Who was the owner of WCW?

Ted Turner until 2001 Shane McMahon in 2001 was the storyline owner for the invasion storyline in the wwe. In real life Vince Mc.Mahon owns the right to WCW.

Who is the owner of Reebok?

Reebok was founded in 1895 by J.W. Foster. Today, the company is asubsidiary of Adidas. Its headquarters is located in Canton,Massachusetts.

Who is the owner of Yahoo?

Founded by Stanford graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo in January of 1994 and incorporated on March 2, 1995 . The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California

Who is the owner of Oxfam?

Oxfam is an international organization with its headquarters inOxford, England. It aims to find solutions to problems of povertyand the injustices around the world.

Who is the owner of eBay?

eBay is owned by multiple shareholders who invest in the cocmpany. Numerous people own parts of eBay, including Pierre Omidiyar, the founder, Meg Whitman and John Donahoe

Who is the owner of Macdonald's?

hay we'll Ronald MacDonald's? McDonald's is a corporation which has many share-holders who collectively own the company. It was originally created by a man named Kroc.

Who is owner of Internet?

No one owns the internet. The internet is basically a ton of computers talking to each other. When you get on the internet, your computer becomes a part of it. Websites like Facebook, Netflix, and Google are major parts of the internet.

Who is the owner of ranbaxy?

It is a publicly traded company with Japan's Daiichi Sankyo Co. in the process of purchasing 50.1% (a majority, basically ownership) of the company.

Who is the bears owner?

Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of the legendary George "Papa Bear" Halas, gained ownership of the team after her father's death in 1983.

Who is denemark's owner?

Denmark is a country in northern Europe. This county is not under the control of any other organization or a colony of another country. It joined the European Union (1973) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949,) and is a founding member, but neither of these organizations control Denmark. (MORE)

Who is the owner of the Earth?

A single human can't "own" earth or even group of people. Simply, it is not a human or living thing that we know of. In "technical" terms, the owner of earth does not exist-with the amount of knowledge we have. In religious terms, one may leave "god" as responsible for -owning- the world with its po (MORE)

Which NFL does not have a owner?

The Green Bay Packers are currently the only team in the NFL without an owner. Technically, the team is owned by a plethora of people, given that the team sold shares off at one point in their history. However, those shares are largely sentimental, as the fans do not have a true voice in the team's (MORE)

What is a franchise owner?

A Franchise Owner, is a Franchisee - a person who purchases the rights of the business from the Franchisor, or the Founder of the Business in other words, and pays ongoing royalty's based on a percentage of Gross Sales, such as owning a McDonald's Franchise for instance.

Who is the owner of Skype?

Founded in 2003, Skype was acquired by eBay in September 2005, and then acquired by an investment group led by Silver Lake in November 2009. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq "MSFT") has closed its acquisition of Skype Global S.à r.l. Negotiations of the definitive agreement under which Microsoft would (MORE)

Who is the gogle owner?

Welll, you GET the goggles In the Aztec Empire, a guard is wearing them and will give them to you if you are wearing a Warrior's Mask (Warrior's Mask: In the Aztec Empire there is an old warrior who wants to retire. Talk to him atop the third pyramid and he'll give his mask to you) The owner of the (MORE)

Who is the owner of Linux?

Nobody. Code is contributed by and remains the property of the many volunteers and employees of various companies.

Who is the owner of maynilad?

Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad) is owned and managed by DMCI-MPIC Water Company, Inc. (DMWCI) , a joint venture between Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) and DMCI Holdings, Inc. (DMCIHI). The consortium took control of Maynilad on January 24, 2007

Who are the phillies owners?

David Montgomery, Giles Limited Partnership (Bill Giles), Claire S. Betz, Tri-Play Associates (William C. Buck), Double Play Inc. (John S. Middleton)

Who was secretariat's owner?

Penny Tweety (Chenery) Lucian Lauren was the traine, Ron Turcotte was the jockey, and Elizabeth Ham was the co-owner, she was the one that thought of the name secretariat

Who is owner of oracle?

Oracle Corporation is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ (symbol ORCL). Larry Ellison owns about 22.7 percent of the outstanding shares.

Who is the owner of copyright?

That depends on who owns it. The original holder of copyright is the author of the work (in some cases, a company, rather than a specific person, may be considered the author... the people who created it agree ahead of time to transfer their rights to the company. This is particularly common for th (MORE)

Who is the copyright owner?

Generally the creator of the work, unless other arrangements are made, or rights are transferred to another entity.

Who is Eminem's owner?

He's not a pet or slave you know...he's a person....Dre is his recorder and producer...but Em isn't his property....Sorry but I am a little confused by this question.

Who is an ostensible owner?

Ostensible owner is the one who is not the real owner but is permitted by the true owner to act on his behalf.

Who is the owner of android?

Android is a free and open source operating system for mobile devices. While Google provides corporate backing for the project, they do not own it or require money from manufacturers when they put the software in devices.

Who is the owner of the aircell?

Brother. Anantha Krishnan, shortly called Bro. A.K . who lives in malayasia and ownes The twin tower in malayasia. He is a srilankan

Who is the owner of the HTML?

It is not owned by anyone as such. It is free to use. The World Wide Web Consortium are the organisation that designs it and sets standards for it.

Who is the owner of googel?

Chairman and CEO: Eric E. Schmidt Director; President, Technology: Sergey Brin SVP Business Operations: Shona L. Brown

Who is the owner of the taitanic?

The current remains of the RMS Titanic don't really have one owner. The wreck is considered something of a World Heritage Site, but the UN and other organizations of that nature all maintain authority over the site. All of the marine bio. institutions and other similar facilities can all visit it, b (MORE)

Who is the owner of Italy?

There is no "owner" of Italy. The last known king of Italy is Umberto II, whose reign ended on March 18 th 1983, when he died.

How can you be in owner operator?

You can buy a truck and lease on with a company or get your own authority. Many people try going with a lease purchase program. Many L/P programs have the company in mind, not the driver.

Who is the owner of emperador?

Controlled by Andrew Tan, formerly owned by George Young, its with the holding company of AGI (Alliance Global Group Inc.) .

What do dogs do for their owners?

Dogs can do many things for their owners, service dogs for example can do things to aid their owner/handler which humans or technology can't. i myself have a service dog (Autism Service Dog), and he helps keep me calm when i get anxiety, or over-stimulation. others help deaf or blind people get arou (MORE)

Who are the owners of the Oscars?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) technically owns the Oscar statuettes until they are presented. Winners sign a contract which makes them the legal owners of their Oscars, although they cannot sell their Oscars without first offering to sell them back to the Academy for $1 USD (MORE)

Who where owners of secretariat?

Secretariat was owned by Penny Chenery, he was trained by Lucien Laurin and mainly ridden by Canadian jockey Ron Turcotte, along with apprentice jockey Paul Feliciano (first two races), and veteran Eddie Maple (last race).

Who is the owner of BigSoccer?

The owner of BigSoccer is NYCFC. NYCFC stands for New York City Football Club. The NYCFC is sponsored by the Salzburg, Austria based company Red Bull.

What is a bouwery owner?

The owner of an estate or farm (according to historic records ofearly US settlements in which bowery or bouwery referred to theland owned by a settler)

Who is the owner of UPS?

UPS is a public company that is owned by the stock owners. Thecompany was founded by James Casey in 1907.