03 Chevy Malibu is making a loud helicopter type fan noiseit gets worse when you accelerate and you have had worse gas mileage lately?

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Possibly front wheel bearings or the front brake caliper's or sticking on. My car is doin the same right now. I'm replacing the wheel bearings and front caliper's,pad's and rotor's.
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Why is the mileage worse after service?

1 Have someone recheck the gap on the spark plugs. The plug gap being too far apart and could cause this. # 2 sometimes the service providers use wrong engine oil, it can make 5 to 10% more consumption, or even forgot to change the oil-filter, have one case in Sacramento, the filter just a ( Full Answer )

Which type of gas gets the best mileage?

%DETAILS% Try this address: http://www.garybhaley.com/HondaInsight/hondaInsightFuelMileage.asp It has a chart of the different brands of gas and the MPG the person found. The test site seems very suspect, as lots of variables are left unconstrained. Was the gas bought at those stations really suppl ( Full Answer )

Why would a car get worse gas mileage after the catalytic converter was replaced?

why does a larger diameter exhaust increase power? lower bac-pressure. A reduction in flow resistance to exhaust gasses leaving the engine is a net increase in flow potential, hence more power. It requires less fuel to do the same work. Now consider putting something in the exhaust system that incre ( Full Answer )

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This question is not specific enough to focus on one type of wrestling nor one particular pro-wrestling organization. Also, saying that wrestling is getting "worse" is a matter of opinion, and personal observation rather than an established fact. If this question pertains to pro-wrestling, and there ( Full Answer )

1997 Chevy Blazer what is loud whine coming from underneath back of vehicle gets worse in warm weather?

Answer . I would check the fuel pump in the tank. Could also be the gears in the rear end.. - We've had the same whine since we bought our 2000 pickup in 2003 - gets louder in warm weather, just like you noticed. I've been paying attention the past few years and noticed that it's very common in ( Full Answer )

Why is your 1994 Lincoln Continental getting worse gas mileage than it used to?

Have you tried to do a tune up on your car? This would entitle new plugs and wires, Oil change, PCV valve, EGR Valve, fuel filter, and possibly O2 sensors is all I can think off the top of my head. You should also check your tire pressure. All of these things will make your gas mileage decrease if t ( Full Answer )

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Depends on what you define as gun violence and where you look. . Subjectively: . It is getting worse in UK, despite near-total gun ban. . It is not getting worse in US.

Whats the gas mileage on a 1999 Chevy Malibu?

I am also trying to find the answer of this one. I have 99 Chevy Malibu v6. and it is very low in mileage . It goes around 330 km for a gas tank. So far no mechanic has found any problem. My original suspicion were on gas leaks , but recent inspection showed nothing is leaking. I don't drive the ( Full Answer )

1998 Nissan Pathfinder sways in a rocking motion Worse when it's in 4 wheel drive but lately it's getting worse.?

It's most likely your lower Trailing Arm bushings that are severely damaged. It can also be the upper Trailing Arm bushings. Grab the arm and see if you can twist it. If so, it needs to be changed. You can get polyurethane bushings from 4x4parts.com or you can buy the entire arms from parts.com. I c ( Full Answer )

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A way you'll know is the bangs will get louder the storm will have a strong wind and you won't see any cars driving around!

What causes horrible grinding from the front wheel driver side that gets worse when you reverse and makes it difficult to accelerate forward after breaking?

What you're describing sounds a lot like serious braking problems. Without looking at it, I'd suspect calipers, rotors AND brake pads, but in any case, the problem you're describing sounds bad enough that you shouldn't be driving it. If you can't repair it yourself, have it towed to a qualified ( Full Answer )

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wear a bucket hat, wear sunscreen that is 15spf-45spf and is uva and uvb protective. wear sunglasses and seek shade. So basically SLIP, SLOP. SLAP, SEEK, SLIDE

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Gas mileage on a 98 Chevy Malibu?

I have a98 Chevy Malibu. I get about 330 miles for a full tank. I don't what that breaks down to but i hope that helps.

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I can't say this is true, but maybe SEGA is starting to think of better ways to improve Sonic. (please dont take this the wrong way SEGA, im not trying to be offensive)

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