03 pt cruiser engine code p0440 comes on once a month?

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Trouble code P0440 means:Evaporative emission control system malfunction
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What does the code p0440 mean for 2003 PT Cruiser?

A P0440 code (GENERAL EVAP SYSTEM FAILURE) is typically one of two things... a huge evaporative system leak or a failed NVLD unit.. The evaporative system is the vapor side o

What is 1999 cutlass engine code p0440?

It's an evaporative emission system leak. Usually kicked off when the gas cap is not secured after refueling. It will show up usually after the engine has cooled and restarted

What is code P0401 for PT Cruiser?

code 401 means A required change in air/fuel mixture was not detected during diagnostic test. Check for faulty EGR Valve-vaccumn line leak. Should not be to difficult to isola

How do you get PT Cruiser radio codes?

Contact your closest Chrysler dealer (you will need the radio serial number and the PT Cruisers VIN) They will be able to provide the code for a small fee.

Do pt cruisers have a radio code?

all European PT Cruisers have a radio unlock code that needs to be entered in the event the radio loses power. USA domestic PT Cruisers do not have a radio code
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How do you fix P0440 engine code?

P0440 sets when the evaporative emission system large/medium leak monitor test fails. Normally meaning there is a leak in the system. This can happen from a loose or not seali
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What is the code 1593 on pt cruiser?

speed control switch (on steering wheel) not functioning. There isa procedure on internet to test existing with an ohmmeter or ifsomeone working in steering wheel area maybe h