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04 kx125 new top end few hours getting a rattle in 6th gear crank problem?


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2008-05-08 21:48:42
2008-05-08 21:48:42

Hi, your problem could quite possibly be your bottom end rod bearing. I have a kx 250 and I've just had to tear mine down and I'm fixing to replace it. The bearing I'm talking about is the one that is where the rod connects with the crank.


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This problem turned out to be the "crank sensor" part was $70.00 from the dealer, 2.5 hours to replace. I beleave the crank sensor went bad when I cleaned the engine before selling it.

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I was working on the same problem for about 2 hours and discovered a metal clip in between the crank and the washer behind it. Just use a small flathead screwdriver, wedge it between the washer and crank and try to remove the metal clip. It should pop right off

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Did you follow the starter alignment instructions when you replaced the starter? Are you getting oil on the Bendix? That could cause the starter gear to engage slowly. It is possible that the replacment starter has a problem. Also, if the previous starter had the same problem it could have damaged the gear on the flex plate.

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