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when people disagree with my ideas i usally go in a right way with a motive that i should show the that i was right with my ideas.i undergo the matter deeply and search why people are not agreeing with my ideas .iafter anyalizing my ideas if i am right then i clearly show them them facts that my idea was right.
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Why have people disagreed with the Jews?

Jews have a lot of opinions and a lot of perspectives within their small 14-million large population. It would be absurd if everyone outside of this group magically agreed with everything the Jews put out if the Jews cannot even agree amongst themselves.

Did people disagree with the US Constitution?

Most people who saw this new institution forming were against it.In a land where communities were self sufficient there was no needfor a constitution of this kind.

What do you do when people disagree with your ideas?

When people disagree with your ideas you should try to find factsto prove that your point of view is sound and reasonable. You canalso consider why people disagree with you and make adjustments toyour idea if necessary.

Why do people disagree with having the Olympics in china?

People disagree with having the Olympics in China due to therepressive nature of the Chinese government. Furthermore, theChinese government has been known to be violent against their ownpeople in times of political dissent. In addition, there is still astigma of the Western world to the Chinese gove ( Full Answer )

Did people disagree with the Chinese government?

As in any country there are forms of dissent. In the People'sRepublic of China liberalization has allowed for unprecedentedamounts of new expression but it is not unlimited. Disagreementsare voiced such as the Tiananmen Square demonstrations to modernstrikes by factory workers, and even from politic ( Full Answer )

Why do people disagree to homosexuality?

I feel it's a combination of multiple things.\n. \n1) Religious indoctrination. When you are raised to believe that a way of life or being is wrong for so long, you accept it as fact.\n. \n2) Ignorance. People fear that which they do not understand. Also they are more easily misled to believe ( Full Answer )

Why do some people disagree with migration?

They don't like the fact that foreigners are stealing their jobs, homes and entire lives. It is hard for a migrator, but even harder for someone who lost something from a migrator

What did Joseph Stalin do to people who disagreed with him?

Joseph Stalin sent people to Siberia when they didn't agree with him. He would have some people shipped to work camps in Siberia, exiled from the country or imprisoned and/or executed. Obviously, Stalin did not do those things to everyone who had a disagreement with him. He accepted some disagree ( Full Answer )

Why do people disagree on the origins of man?

Because some religions say one thing while scientific evidence says another. Neither group can accept the other's point of view, since they are simply incompatible. I think it is because they see Creationism and Evolutionism as mutually exclusive rather than supportive of each other. Many people wh ( Full Answer )

Why do people disagree with evolution?

Because some people think that God created everything perfectly, exactly the way it was meant initially. This is referred to as creationism, and it is based solely on faith without scientific backing. Evolution is a staple of our time. It is as accepted as the fact that the world is a sphere not a ( Full Answer )

Why did people disagree with copernicus?

Many people disagreed with Copernicus because too many of his ideaswere absurd. He used lots of mathematics that was difficult tounderstand.

Why do people disagree with evoultion?

Some people find that the concept of evolution disagrees with their religious beliefs concerning the creation of mankind. See Related Questions for more on the Christian perspective. While Evolution is currently the most popular theory regarding the diversity of life on earth, it is not without de ( Full Answer )

Why do some people disagree with arranged marriages?

People believe you should be able to marry who you love, not somerandom person so you can benefit your family or some other similarreason. Marriage is meant for love, and many arranged marriages aregenerally unhappy because they don't love one another.

Why do people disagree with eating disorder?

People most often disagree with eating disorders because it is very unhealthy for your body. Being an anorexic your starving your body of the nutrients that it needs to thrive and be healthy. There are many other problems that can come from allowing yourself to go down such a road in life. Its not a ( Full Answer )

Why do people disagree with gun control?

Because some people argue further that widespread gun ownership is one of the best deterrents to crime as well as potential tyranny, whether by gangs, or by goverment.

Do people disagree about the hole in the ozone?

No, it has been proved by information that there is a hole inozone.Ozone layer has many holes in it. However it has aconsiderable major hole in it above Antartica continent. It isformed due to CFC gas. Beacuse of the hole there is an increase inthe temperature of earth.

Did some people disagree with slavery?

YES! Many people disagreed with slavery. One group is the slaves themselves. Another is a group of people that formed the underground railroad which I highly suggest you look into if you are interested in this subject.

Why would people disagree with Australia day?

Aboriginal people see this day as invasion day as before 26/1/1788 they had this country to themselves. some Australians think that January 1st should be Australia day as it is the anniversary of Australia becoming the Commonwealth of Australia. However truth be known it probably should be 3rd o ( Full Answer )

Why would people disagree with euthanasia?

"Thou Shalt Not Kill" is an overriding concern for many people. The very idea of ending a life, even with the consent or desire of the person involved is thought to be wrong.

What did Hitler do to the people who disagreed with him?

Killled them on the spot or send them to consentration camps depending on his mood and if the people tried restraining _________________ It did not happen very often in person, anyone who did, like Speer, was close enough to him that they would not be punished.

Why do people disagree with the cosmological argument?

A: The Cosmological Argument forthe existence of God was stated by St Thomas Aquinas, although he did not claim to be the first to use the Argument. Reduced to its simplest possible form, it can be stated as: . Some contingent beings exist . Contingent beings require a non-contingent ground of ( Full Answer )

Why did people disagree to the treaty of waitangi?

some people disagreed because they knew what was going to happen to their land and that them and their people would be disrespected and their views and wishes would not be listened to.

Why might people disagree with the cointelpro?

People do not like to hear the truth. A fat person does not like being told that he/she is fat. Stupid person, does not like to hear that he/she is stupid. Very simple.

Why did people disagree with Darwin's theory?

Darwin's theory has taught us may things about the world around us and how we or other living things around us have evolved, but they were very religious in the 18th century and many Christians believed that god has changed them by himself.

Why did Christians disagree with Darwin's ideas?

The Question itself is wrong.. Christians did not disagree with Darwin's ideas. If someone do so the reason should be misunderstanding of bible .... in Genesis it is written that God created sky and earth in one day, second day he created sun and other planets . Now i wanna ask u something,will the ( Full Answer )

Why do people disagree about global warming?

Some people accept that a consensus of scientists know what they are talking about. Other people are deeply suspicious, especially when they are asked to make some changes in their lifestyle.

Why would people disagree that god does not exist?

Don't feel bad that you're asking for proof, because even I have these doubts sometimes. 1. The afterlife- people from around the world tell stories of dying and seeing the Holy Lord and feeling His love 2. The Bible- the Bible has alot of chapters written by different people, who all seemed to know ( Full Answer )

Why did Alexander the Great's generals disagree with Alexander taking up the ideas and customs of the people he conquered?

The generals disagreed because they thought that their customs were the only correct and civilised way to live, they saw other cultures as being barbaric, such as the Persians. So when Alexander took up Persian customs - such as the elaborate clothing and obeisance- they saw that as Alexander mo ( Full Answer )

Why do some people disagree with embryo screening?

people disagree with embryo screening because after finding out if their embryo has a genetic disorder (e.g cystic fibrosis or Huntington's disease) they may wish to abort it. the procedure may also cause possible harm to the mother or child.

Why do people disagree with people who agree to disagree?

this question does not make sense but i got the answer here it is people disagree with people who agree to disagree because they have a reason to its not like they just say nope nope that's wrong were right blah Di Dar De do that's wrong for i don't know what everyone should have a reason to why the ( Full Answer )

Why do people disagree with Occupy Wall Street?

Aspects of the Occupy Wall St. movement that may be seen as negative are: . Some of the people being interviewed at protests aren't very informed about the goals of the movement . The movement is trying to get a bill passed. Whether or not their requests are justified, some think that they are d ( Full Answer )

Why did some people disagree with nicholas Copernicus?

because Galileo created a telescope with a 30x zoom and looked into space and sore the planet around us and told the world about his discovery convincing everyone he was right which he was so from then till date people believe that the earth is not in the middle but 3rd from the sun Heather Harris ( Full Answer )

Why did some people disagree with Australian Federation?

At the end of the 1800s, a large number of people still held strongly to English traditions. There was fear of losing those ties with "Mother England". Another concern, particularly for Western Australia, was that the state would not gain any of the trade benefits available to the eastern states, be ( Full Answer )

Why do some people disagree with religious clothes?

because they are stupid. religious people can wear whatever they want. its there type of fashion. TRUE!!! Answer Some people disagree with religous clothes because they are irreligous, while some religous people disagree with them because of spiritual pride ["I'm humbler than you are!"]

Why do people disagree with cloning cats?

Cloning is a complicated and expensive process, and takes significant resources in time and money. It simply seems very wasteful considering how simple it is to get a cat naturally, and how very many unwanted cats there are in the world, to use an effectively experimental process that takes so much ( Full Answer )

Why would people disagree with contraception?

People would disagree because it is not natural. The Creator YHWHmade us and said that children are a blessing. To use contraceptionis to say to the Creator Yehowah that you do not want children andtherefore also no blessing. Beliefs cause disagreements.

Why do some people disagree with the EU?

There are many reasons, but basically most amount to people feeling that the European Union has too much influence on their countries and what they can do. Countries have to comply with many rules, some beneficial but some more restrictive. Lots of people do not like that.