05 Chevy Impala brake light come on when vehicle is turn off?

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my 05 Chevy impala brake light come on when my vehicle is turned off killing my battery.
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What is wrong if the radio in your 2001 Chevy Impala won't turn off but the dome light does?

\nThe 2000 and up Impala's have a feature called RAP or Retained Accessory Power. This allows you to operate your radio and windows without the key or car being on for 10 min

How do you turn off the light on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

Answer . \nWhat light?. Answer . Headlights / Parking lights can only be turned off while in park. turn the engine off, set the parking brake. Start the engine..... as

How do you turn off oil change light on Chevy impala 2001?

Answer . \nchange your oil. Answer . I had this problem a month ago and brought it to a shop for an oil change. While the oil change actually worked at reseting the "Ch

How do you turn off low tire pressure light on a 2005 Chevy impala?

Read the owners manual. Turn the key to the on position (not start) with the radio off. Wait 10 seconds. Press the "display" button on the radio and hold for 10 to 12 seconds.

Why do your lights stay on after you turn off your 2002 Chevy impala?

Delayed Headlamps The delayed headlamps feature provides a period of exterior lighting as you leave the area around your vehicle. The feature is activated when the head

How do you turn off the check oil indicator light in a 2005 Chevy impala?

If it is the message center telling you to check the oil; look in the owner's manual and there are steps on how to turn it off through the radio. For most impala 2000 and up
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How does the brake booster come off a 1966 Chevy impala?

Loosen brake lines on master cylinder. Dont take off brake lines yet! Get under steering wheel, under the dash and look by the steering column. There will be 4 nuts. Take off