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"Replacing a power door lock on a 4door pont G6

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Q: 07 Pontiac G6 power door locks wont work?
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Why wont the power door locks work on a 1997 Mitsubishi Montero?

Check fuse

Why wont the power door locks work on a 1999 Mitsubishi montero?

Check the fuse.

Your radio and power locks and power windows wont work all at once on a 97 Pontiac grand prix gt then they will Whats wrong?

Loose wire?

Why wont my power locks work on my 89 deville but windows do?

it is a switch problem most likely if door and window use same fuse then try the switch itself for the locks

Doors wont unlock on 1999 Pontiac trans am?

There are many electrical and mechanical conditions that cause the door locks to become inoperable on 1999 Pontiac/Chevrolet F-Bodies. A common failure is that the door locks, window motors and radio will all become inoperable simultaneously for a few moments. If this is the condition it usually signifies failure of the body control module (BCM), which is located behind the glove compartment door.

2005 dodge caravan what causes the power sliding doors and door locks to not function?

Are they totally non-functional, or just not functioning from the buttons just ahead of the doors on the door pillar? they wont open

Why wont any power locks work on my lincoln ls if no fuses are blown?

If there are no blown fuses in your Lincoln ls, then there could be a short in the wires causing your power locks to not work.

Pontiac Montana rear door wont stay up?

replace rear door shocks. the two rods along the sides.

Why wont electric door locks work on your 2001 excursion?

I had all four of my door locks stop working. I was told it was the actuators and for $250.00 per actuator (my only local Ford dealership) I could have them fixed. Back to manual for me.

My doors won't lock or unlock?

why dont my 2001 windstar van lx door locks wont lock

What is wrong when your jeep liberty lights and radio and door locks wont work?

most likely that would be a fuse

Why wont power locks horn and radio work on Chev caprice?

Start by checking the fuse.

Your door locks wont work you here a click noise on a 1995 trans am?

i put new batteries in remote and just the hatch works door maks a click

Is it possible to put power windows and locks in a Dodge Neon that doesn't have them and if so how?

Answer: Its not a simple job to power windows and locks. you can buy aftermarket door lock kits from many different retailers but usually unless you get them installed professionally the warrenty is void and they probably wont work properly. as for the power windows, you would be quicker and cheeper just to get a whole new door assembly. but make sure that the year of car you drive came with those options to begin with, or else your just wasting your time

Battery replaced car won't start 2002 Saturn security reset?

sometimes my 02 satrun wont start when it wont the door locks wont work and with just the key on brake pushed cant put it to nentral.Help

Why does door on 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix wont close?

usually the locking latch in the door is in the closed position. try holding the handle in the open position and opening the latch manually.

Your 99 jeep grand Cherokee all of sudden windows and power locks stopped working?

you probably have a broken wire in the drivers door harness that is the one that gose from the body to the door that bends you can fix it but you have to run a new wire if you fix it where it bends it wont last check the powers and the grounds that is most likely the cause

Passenger door on 2002 Hyundai santa fe wont lock or unlock by itself?

check fuses in fuse panel and check , does the power windows work ? , check for power at door lock control unit in door

Your Daewoo nubira has locked both front door and wont release even with battery disconnected?

The door locks on Nubira have two negative and one positive wires. The relays often collapse after age, (Door locks actuate by themselves, then die). Refer to this page for a schematic of the door relay system It guides you through the process.. (Must have meter or 12v circuit checker.)

Why wont my back doors open from inside 1999 explorer xlt?

Are the switches on for the childproof door locks ? Open each back door from outside and look about 3 inches below the latching mechanism on the door and see if the levers are switched up , if so move the lever down

Would a broken door lock on a 97 Saturn SC2 cause a slow drain on the battery?

Iam having the same problem with a 92 SL-1, the door locks dont drain battery's but the relay does because it is basically an electromagnet and they need juice to operate, where as a switch is just on or off. The problem I am having though is where in the world is the relay for the door locks. I paid $26.00 for it, but cant find where the bad one is to replace it. If you have this problem and you unhook the door locks, the battery will still drain. If you unplug the fuse to the door locks, your car wont start because with Saturns dumb stretegic marketing ideas, the fuse is also tied in with the fuel pump. I hope this helps both of us so we may both possibly find out where the door lock relay is.

1999 Jeep grand Cherokee power windows wont workon every door?

Check for a broken wire in the jamb between the drivers door and the body.

How do you change the side mirrors on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

On your door there is a rectangular plastic piece, some cars it has a round little speaker in it. Remove that piece by pulling it gently, so you wont break it. There will be 3 to 4 screws with bolts attached. Remove bolts and if they are power mirrors, you will need to unplug the connector. The connector is behind the door paneling. Its not that far down.

How do you fix back doors on a 1992 delta 88 wont open?

If they only open from the outside, check to see if the child security locks are set in the on position. The child security lock switch would be found in the door jamb latch area with the door open.

My 2000 Pontiac Bonneville wont start?

show me where the starter relay is are on a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville