085 xxx xxxx this is the phone number from Dublin Ireland how can you call from US?

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You would dial 0011 353 plus the rest of the number without the first zero.
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What is the significance of door number 46 in Dublin Ireland?

The doorway at 46 Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin has a beautifulGregorian style door. It is famous because it is the mostphotographed door in Dublin. The picture of the door has

What is the calling code for Dublin Ireland from France?

Making international call usually requires that you start with 00. Ireland's international dialling code is 353. To get Dublin, you add 1 to that, so the answer would be 00 35

What is the meaning xxx-xxx-xxxx format?

It usually means that is the amount of number and its spacing. xxx-xxx-xxxx can be replaced by 123-456-7890. (xxx) xxx-xxxx would be a phone number such as (408) 123-4567

Does Dublin Ireland use pounds or Euro?

\n. \nDublin is located in the Republic of Ireland which uses the Euro. Northern Ireland, being a separate entity and a part of the United Kingdom, uses the Pound Sterling as

How do I convert US dollars to euro in Dublin Ireland?

Go to a bank or a money changer. Depending on how many you have toconvert, be careful about the exchange rate offered and whatadditional conversion fee(s) if any may be applie
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What is the code before the lanzorote number when dialing from dublin ireland?

Lanzarote is in Spain, which is country code +34, dialed from Ireland as 00 34. The rest of the number should be 9 digits. Most landline numbers in Lanzarote begin with +34 92
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What number does Skype use to call phones?

When Skype calls phones from your account automatically--there's one master phone number, (000)-012-3456. You can't call that from Skype, though.