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With a sexual relationship, no it is not legal.

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depending on the legal sex age and wether the 16 year old girl gives consent then yes this is perfectly legal.

It is legal to date a 21 year old man if you are a 17 year old girl. It is not legal to engage in certain activities with a 21 year old man as he could be prosecuted.

Actually it is legal. She is 18 and an adult, so dating a 26 year old is not illegal.

if a 20 year old man gets a 17 year old girl pragrant, can their be any legal actions, I can bring agaisnt him.

Yes if you dont use a condom. But a 37 year old man can not get a 13 year old girl pregnant legally. You would have to be 18 or older for it to be legal.

The first thing to determine is whether it is legal. In most states and countries that is perfectly legal

Running away is not legal in any state. In that case you could just move out.

Assuming you are bf and gf, it depends on the legal age in your state.

There are no laws about dating. There are laws about sexual contact and 15 is below the age of legal consent.

No, even though it's consensual; it is still statutory rape.

Not really, that's call abuse because you are a minor age girl and if he have sex with you or touch you, he can go to jail.

If you're in the US it's legal. I have no clue why an 18-year-old girl would want to marry a 50-year-OLD man (well, unless it's for money), but it's legal.

Answer Not to affend you but if he's over 30 dating a 16 yr. old then he's not a Man! However, the age of consent in Kansas is 16, so it would be legal.

I sure hope not. Turn yourself in. If it was someone else, turn them in.

Dating is legal but the minors parents would have to agree to it. Sex is not legal until she has reached the age of consent in her state.

Yes, it is legal. There are no laws for dating, only regarding sex and the age of consent is 16 so a 17yo can give legal consent to sex as well.

Yes it is legal but not recommended. Keep in mind, that's an 18 year difference and it probably won't work out. Maturity plays into it heavily. If the girl is at a similar maturity of the man it could potentially work out, I guess.

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