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Almost positive it's 50:1 Have a 650 65hp Merc and that's what it is.


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hi there i have a mercury 500 50 hp 73 model i do my mixe at 50 :1 every 25 liters of gas 500 mm of oil hi there i have a mercury 500 50 hp 73 model i do my mixe at 50 :1 every 25 liters of gas 500 mm of oil

32:1 is very safe.The better the 2 stroke oil (Golden Spectro,amsoil) the higher ratio you can run.For example,we run 40:1 on our KX 500 using Golden Spectro..

A.J. Foyt won the 1964 Indy 500.

A.J. Foyt won the 1964 Indianapolis 500.

Using fully synthetic motorcycle 2 stroke oil, the ratio is 40:1. Ie, 40 parts of fuel to 1 part of oil. That means 25mls of oil to 1000mls, (1 litre), of fuel. That is the ratio all the time. Change the fuel air ratio if any problems with fuel fouling or lean running symtoms.

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To make this a proper ratio, it is 1000:3

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This is the ratio of gasoline to outboard motor oil. 50:1 is the most common mix ratio. This equates to just about 1/2 quart of outboard oil per 6 gallon tank of gas.

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The 1964 is worth about $1200, and '65-70 are worth about $500.

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