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start by taking the tires off

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how to take off wheel hub on ford 94 F350 dual?


remove wheel remove brake caliper remove locking hubs special tool required to remove axle nut

The mastercylider or brake booster is bad. Most likely, it's the mastercylinder if it won't return back to it's original position. A bad brake booster would just make you have to push real hard to get the vehicle to stop.

No because they are 2 compleatly diffrent body styles

Check tire balance or wheel bearings in front axle

1985-1988 ford f150 f250 and f350 or a 1994 f150 f250 and f350

Most "emergency" brakes are adjusted when the rear brake shoes are adjusted to the drums. On the drum backing plate, there will be a little "window" that has a rubber plug in it. There is only one on each side, so you can't miss it. After you remove the rubber plug, there will be a star wheel. Slide in a flat headed scre driver and turn the wheel down to push the brake shoes out closer to the drums(tighten). You will hear a click each time you turn the starwheel. If not, you are retracting the shoes away from the drum. After a couple of clicks, turn the drum (tires off the truck) and listen for a swishing sound from the shoes contacting the drum. Stop just after you hear the swishing sound. Your brakes are adjusted now. Replace the rubber plug and replace the wheels and check brake operation. Adjust as necessary.

I need a diagram of ford F350 drum brakes on 1996 model 460 engine 4 wheel drive

No, the 1997 is an 8 lug by 6.5" pattern, and the 2002 is an 8 lug by 6.693" or 170mm pattern.

It's on page 171 of the owners guide, or in any Chilton, Haynes, Clymer repair manual which covers a '86 f350.

Check the fuse, bulbs or there is a push button switch above the brake pedal that may need align or replace

remove the inner wheel well and it will be there

in the drivers floor board by the emergency brake pedal. It is removed from under the hood.

Your Ford dealership should be able to get you one.

No need to change the hubs. 16' rims can be obtained from Colorado Wheel Company and fitted with no problem.

Answering "What is the wheel bearing torque specs in ftlbs on a Ford 10.5 rear axle on a 2002 F350 Super Duty 4x4 non dually diesel?"

No, the 2003 Ford F350 rims will not fit on a 1999 Ford F350.

That depends on if you need to just do the hub or the wheel bearing assembly... If you just need to do the locking hub, 1:Take off the wheel, 2:Remove retainer clip that is around the outside of the hub, 3:Pull the locking hub out. Installation is the opposite. If you are doing the wheel bearing/hub assembly, continue on from step 3. Step 4:Remove brake caliper bolts and pull caliper out of the way, 5:Remove the brake rotor, 6:Remove cotter pin and axle nut, 7:Unbolt 4 bolts that hold on the wheel bearing assembly, 8:Unbolt ABS sensor, (if equipped), and remove from wheel bearing assembly, 9:Remove wheel bearing assembly and brake caliper bracket (slight force may be required to remove). Installation is the opposite.

The steering wheel will have to be removed, turned to the proper place, then reinstalled. If there is an air bag system it will have to be disconnected first.

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