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engine is worn out, carburetor secondarys not properly adjusted,worn valves,and the list goes on.

2011-09-12 14:00:34
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What are common problems for a 1981 Toyota carburetor?

High Idle.

Nissan Carburetor?

form_title= Nissan Carburetor form_header= Replace your Nissan carburetor with help from experts. When was the last time your oil was changed?*= _ [50] Do you need a new or used carburetor?*= () New () Used Have you noticed any problems with your Nissan?*= () Yes () No

Problems about positive acceleration?

Positive acceleration is an increase in velocity in the direction in which motion is being measured.

What could cause Subaru Outback acceleration problems?

Lots of things. You have not given enough information to answer the question. First please describe what you mean by "acceleration problems".

What is the difference between a carburetor and throttle body?

A throttle body is fuel injected, A carburetor is not, Fuel injection responds better then a carb. and you have less problems with it. There is no comparison .

Can you have acceleration problems with the traction control system problems?

with traction control on you have better acceleration because the ecu is giving the right amount of power to the wheel with most traction.

What would be a good carburetor replacement for a 1988 jeep wrangler?

Get a Weber and your problems will be solved.

What causes car acceleration problems?

Mabey you are low on gas or mabey a ring of som sort for ex: Piston ring

Do dealers have to fix the acceleration problems before selling a used Toyota?

The acceleration problems should have all been fixed the first time they went through this. If not, it is the dealers responsibility to get the car fixed before they get sold.

What causes a crown Victoria to hesitate during acceleration?

Whats the year? Possible problems.........Spark plugs, ign. wires, fuel filter. injector's dirty, timing. Theres a few more, but start with this.

1998 Cadillac Fleetwood problems with carburateur?

There is no such car as a 1998 Cadillac Fleetwood, and no Cadillac had a carburetor that year either

Where does hoses connect to from carburetor on suzuki LT 185 quad runner?

i wish i new having the same problems

Moped bogs out when accelerating?

Your Moped shows symptoms of a carburetor issue, check the floats, and try putting in a bigger jet. If you get no better results, research further problems, before you proceed to buy a new carburetor.

What is a modification problem what are the three possible types of modification problems database?

The three possible types of modification problems are: Deletion, update, and insertion problems

Which of following problems would have the greatest effect toward lowering co2 emission?

Stop using fossil fuels.

Is acceleration constant?

Acceleration may be constant or variable. Of course, in many high-school level problems, it is assumed to be constant, because in that case, the mathematics is simpler.

250cc gokart that wont start what should you do?

it could be many problems but it is most likely the carburetor. check the lines for cuts and if that is fine you should open the top and prime it by pouring gas into the carburetor, just a small amount.

Tecumseh 5HP snow blower idols fine stalls out under load?

Sounds like u have carburetor problems!

Would a oil filter and change fix acceleration problems?

No. Oil circulation has nothing to do with acceleration. A fuel filter change on the other hand may help. Things that cause poor acceleration include clogged fuel filter, clogged air filter, need of a tune up, some electrical problems or a clogged catilytic convertor.

What is the quadratic formula used for outside of math?

Physics problems, usually dealing with motion and acceleration.

What is difference between uniform acceleration and variable acceleration?

Uniform acceleration simply means that the acceleration doesn't change over time. Variable acceleration may change over time. For practical purposes, problems with uniform acceleration (such as the one provided by gravity, near the Earth's surface) are much easier to calculate. Variable acceleration requires integration, which isn't taught in high school, but may appear at college if you study in a career in engineering.

What are common problems with a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird LE?

Question is too vague as there are MANY common problems that effect/affect ALL vehicles. Please be more specific as to: Fuel, Electrical, Emission, Driving, Wheel, etc., problems.

What problems do dirt bikes commonly have?

Pretty much the same as regular bikes, broken chain. But there are other problems, like un-oiled chains, bad brakes, acceleration, and engine problems.

Possible health problems due to radioactive gas leak in the atmosphere?

Possible health problems due to radioactive gas leak in the atmosphere?

What is the possible outcome of Down syndrome?

eye problems,mental retardation and seizure problems