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Why is your dumps green?

Your dumps are green because you have screwed up bowel movements

What is the function of the gills on a squid?

The octopus passes blood to its gills where it dumps co2 and takes rich oxygen

On Friends why does Ginger dump Chandler?

She dumps him because he has a third nipple.

What do you do when your boyfriend dumps you because annoying?

move on you can find a better guy

What are memory dumps?

Memory dumps are nothing but Certification exam dumps which are provided by some companies. Dumps really means you can pass that certification exam without studying deeply. To obtain dumps for certification exams,

Do nape like taking big dumps or small dumps?

they love taking big dumps because they think it is hot and sexy and nape is a super hot sexy orange tabby cat that lives in jeedo s house it leads a clan of warrors in my backyard

What are the dimension of a standard dump truck?

First, you'd have to define what a "standard" dump truck is. I've driven trucks of all types for over a decade - including dump trucks - and have never known any to be standard. You have single axle dumps - which can be anywhere from a Class 3 to a Class 8 chassis - you have tandem axle dumps, tri-axle dumps, quad axle dumps, quint axle dumps, centipedes, superdumps (with a Strong Arm on the back), then you have tractor-trailer dumps, which could be end dumps, belly dumps, or side dumps.

What if your boyfriend dumps you because you are scene?

He's a jerk and you should move on to someone who will love you for who you are.

If aboy ask you out and then dumps you because your friend tells she is going to give him hot chetos and he says yes and is so cute what do you do?

forget the dude because if he dumps you for hot Cheetos hes not the right guy hes just plain stupid

Is it ok to steal a girl from her boyfriend?

No it is not!you can wait until she dumps him or if he dumps her

Why us disposing household waste a problem?

Household waste ends up in dumps when thrown away. The dumps overflow with trash. New dumps are made. In result, trash mountains (dumps) are everywhere.

Are dumps helpful for oracle exams?

Yes. Latest dumps for oracle certification may be help full

What will happen if no one conserves?

If no one conserves then our planet will be from clean to comepleatly dirty because if we keep not saving stuff then we will have to make more dumps and more dumps means less money for the government.

Who is the character in Because of Winn Dixie who had a tree with liquor bottles on it to remember not to dring?

Gloria Dumps

How many boyfriends does the average girl have in her lifetime?

about 87. but half of the time she dumps him because of.....innappropriate behavior...

Why did they change dumps to landfills?

dumps have a lot of room and so do landfills but really i dont know

Why do guys end things before the woman has a chance to?

Because they don't want to give the girl a chance to dump them. It will make them look dumb if the girl dumps them. Whereas if he dumps you first it makes hem seem all cool.

What is the past participle of dumps?

Dumps is the third person singular conjugation of dump. Dumped is the past participle.

Is it true that the large intestine stores and eliminates the waste products of digestion?

Yes. The stomach begins digestion and later dumps its contents into the small intestine, which continues to break down the food. Eventually, the food passes into the large intestine, whose main purpose is to absorb water. After that, the material passes into the rectum, and then OUT. :)

Why do girls farts smell so bad?

because they hold them in more, same reason girls' dumps are ginormous

From which site you got a SCJP Dumps of edition-1.5? That site has almost all the latest dumps. New forum is built i think you need ask in that.

Where can you get solutions for the ccna dumps?

All certification exam dumps including CCNA can be obtained from

In Avenue Q why does Kate get mad at Princeton?

Kate gets mad at Princeton because he dumps her and sets his eye on Lucy.

Why do people live in rubbish dumps?

Probably because their poor or they have a mental problem where they think it's actually a home or something

Why did George Washington earlier warn the country about the political parties and factions?

Because he new this coutnry would goto the dumps