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Chiltons or Haynes available at your local auto parts store or a service manual from the dealer

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Where to find a fuel pump fuse on a 1999 gmc truck?

where i the fuse for a fuel pump on 1991 gmc truck

What is the cost of labor to repair freeze plug GM truck?

maintenance cost to repair freeze plug in gmc sierra truck 350 engine

What transmission fits a 1991 gmc truck 5.7 liter engine?

That truck should have the 700R4 transmission in it.

How do you repair the leaking cooling fluid on my gmc truck?

Call the GMC company. Look it up in te phone book.

What is the gross weight of a 1991 GMC sierra pick up truck?

9600 #

Where is the water pump located on a 1991 GMC truck?

It is on the front of the engine,it has the fan for the radiator on it.

How can I find out how to repair the air conditioner on a 1987 GMC Sanoma Pick up truck?

visit the dealer

Repair for obd2 code p0449 gmc truck?

P0449ChevroletEVAP Vent Solenoid Control Circuit Malfunction

How can you fix your speedometer on your 98 gmc jimmy?

May have to take the truck to a certified speedometer repair shop

How do you repair driver door latch of a 1991 GMC Sierra and do you have a schematic?


How do you tune up your 1993 gmc truck?

how do you do a tuneup on a 1993 gmc truck

Location of oil sending unit 1991 gmc truck?

It is right behind the distributor. It is hard to get to and see but it's there.

How do you reset airbag light on 2003 gmc Yukon?

Take this truck to a professional for repair. Working on the SRS is hazardous and is not a DIY repair. Something is wrong with the SRS or the light would not be on.

How do you installwindshield in 55 gmc truck?

Step 1: Call Speedy Glass repairStep 2:????Step 3: Profit!

How do you repair an ignition switch on a 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 pick up truck?

Do you take the steering wheel off to get to the ignition

Remove door panelon a 2002 gmc truck?

remove door panel on a 2002 gmc truck

Where to find a steering column diagram for a GMC truck?

Where to find a steering column diagram for a GMC truck?

1991 4x4 GMC Truck speedo not working?

I would check the connection at the vehicle speed sensor on the transmission and the ground connection under the dash. It could also be a bad vehicle speed sensor. Pick up a Haynes repair manual for your year truck at a automotive parts supply store such as Advanced Auto.

What is the gross weight of a 1986 LWB GMC truck?

The gross weight of a 1986 LWB GMC truck is = 16500lb.

What is the difference between a gmc truck and a Chevrolet truck?

The emblems.

What type of truck is ironhide in transformers?

A GMC pickup truck

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1991' GMC Sierra 2500 Pickup Truck?

It should be on the frame rail right behind where the bed meets the cab of the truck. Probably the driver side

What does gcm mean on a truck?

When you see the name GMC on a truck, that is the company that made the truck. GMC is a part of the GM company and it stands for General Motors Corporation.

Will 1994 GMC Wheels fit a 1988 GMC Truck?

yes it does

Where can one buy a used GMC dump truck?

A used GMC dump truck can be purchased online through Truck Paper and Commercial Truck Trader. Auto shows and junk yards may also have used GMC dump trucks for sale.

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