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1991 Saturn sl2 it won't start won't even turn over you checked the battery its fine what should you check next?



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check the solenoid,and check the starter then check ignition switch

Check that the red and purple wire connectors on the starter are not loose. Put the car in park or neutral and engage the emerbency brake. Make a quick temporary electrical connection with a metal tool between the red and purple posts and the solenoid will pull in and run the starter. If it does not - the solenoid is bad. If it does spin then you have to track the purple wire back to the transmission switch on an automatic or the clutch switch on a straight shift.From either of those switches it goes on a yellow wire to the igintion switch. The clutch has to be depressed to start or the transmission has to be in neutral or park to start. LOL


To me, when you say "it won't start, won't even turn over", you mean that the starter isn't engaging. There are only a few problems that can cause that if you're sure the battery is ok: The starter/solenoid has failed, there is a faulty electrical connection somewhere between the starter and the battery or the keyswitch or neutral lockout switch has failed.