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It sounds like you've checked a lot of the usual subjects but there are a couple other possibilities that you might consider. Check for low fuel pressure. The pump or pressure regulator might be worn resulting in an inability to deliver enough fuel. Another possibility would be a vacuum leak. Check the manifold gasket, the gasket between the throttle body and the intake manifold and any of the vacuum lines, such as the brake vacuum boost line. Leaks there will also result in a lean running condition. If you suspect a leak, try a little starting fluid sprayed right on the part that you suspect is leaking while the engine is running. If the engine suddenly runs different, that's probably the leak.

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Can a crack in a car manifold cause health problems?

if it is the exhaust manifold ,yes. if your breathing in those exhaust fumes you can get carbon monoxide poisoning

Why Carbon dioxide can't be changed to liquid?

Hi, Carbon dioxide can be changed into liquid,this liquid is commonly called as dry ice.

Carbon dioxide is changed into carbon-containing foods by the process of what?


Which organs are oxygen and carbon dioxide changed?

Oxygen and carbon dioxide change in the lungs.

Which form of pure carbon is so hard that it can be changed into a cutting tool?

A diamond is a form of pure carbon that is so hard that it can't be changed into a cutting tool.

Which process occurs when dry ice is changed into carbon dioxide?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. The conversion from solid to gas which carbon dioxide undergoes is called sublimination. the process where dry ice is changed into carbon dioxide is called sublimation.

When carbon dioxide is changed into solid what it is called?

The solid form of carbon dioxide is referred to as dry ice.

The process by which alcohol is changed to carbon dioxide and water?


In the carbon cycle when gas is captured and changed into a solid?


What and where is a catalytic converter on a car?

It is part of the exhaust system. It can be anywhere between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. It is usually half way between the manifold and the muffler. Some cars have two. The purpose of the converter is to change the carbon monoxide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide. Carbon monoxide is a greenhouse gas and sulfur dioxide is not.

What is the cost difference between normal carbon steel and killed carbon steel?

Not much, avaliability is the same also. Our default has changed to killed carbon steel.

How has the atmosphere changed?

Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere, and oxygen is decreasing.

How has the percentage of carbon dioxide changed in the last 4500 million years?


How do astronauts get rid of carbon dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide is absorbed by Lithium hydroxide canisters that are changed periodically in the space shuttle.

Why is carbon classified as an element rather than a compound?

Because carbon cannot be changed into a simpler substance by normal means

I have a 93 940 Volvo that will not go above idle?

air leak to inlet manifold check small hoses the back of the inlet manifold if the hose is blocked with carbon clean it or replace and clean crankcase breather all of it.

How is glucose changed during glycolosis?

Glucose 6-carbon molecule is converted to 2 pyruvic acid 3-carbon molecules

What gas can be change into solid?

Carbon dioxide is a gas that can be changed to a solid. When turned to a solid carbon dioxide becomes dry ice.

What happens 2 the total mass of carbon and oxygen after they form carbon dioxide?

The total mass is not changed during a chemical reaction.

How do you take the intake manifold off a 2001 Kia sportage?

The removal and reinstallation of an intake manifold on this FWD transverse application is of Êhigh difficulty. The first steps are disconnecting wiring harnesses, and brackets obstructing the manifold bolts. Once the manifold bolts are off, the factory gaskets should be removed and surfaces cleaned off. The manifold can be run through a parts cleaner to dissolve carbon deposits. The new gasket and sealer as needed should be applied. The manifold can be replaced and re-torqued. The final steps are reconnecting wiring harnesses, restarting and checking for leaks.

What is the best race car in nfs carbon?

Chevrolet Corvette....BY FAR!!! P.S Can you viewers please check out the discussion part because i just have a couple of qestions on the game. (NFS Carbon for wii.)

One neutron is added to the nucleus of an atom of carbon-12 how has the atom changed?

It is now Carbon-13 see link below for information

Where is the carbon air filter for 2007 Chevrolet Impala located at?

In the top left corner of your car facing the hood close to the windshield

What is changed in the original substance during a chemical reaction?

It all depends on what chemicals you are using. For example, if you were using sulfur & carbon, either one could be changed.

Did cyanobacteria change the young Earth's atmosphere by producing carbon dioxide?

False. Cyanobacteria changed earth's atmosphere by removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

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