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cooling fan relay is bad?

2006-08-15 07:45:24
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Where can you find the radiator plug on a 1994 grand am?

Look on bottom of radiator or on the rear side bottom of radiator

Where is the running light module located on a 1994 Grand Am?

It can be found inside the Grand Am

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1994 3.1L Pontiac Grand Prix?

engine side of radiator, toward the bottom, drivers side.

Where is the Daytime Running Light Module specifically located for a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Where is the 1994 JEEP grand cherokee Daytime Running Lamps Lights Module? Lights are working but the running lights and dash board lights are out.

Where is the radiator cap on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

There is no radiator cap. The cap is on the coolant resivuar bottle on the passenger side under the hood next to the firewall

Where do you place radiator stop leak in a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis?

You would pour it in the radiator. Caution, stop leaks usually clogs heater cores.

Why is transmission fluid in the coolant in your 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

The radiator has a transmission cooling tank in it. Evidently the tank has cracked. You may have a crack in your radiator your transmission cooling line runnz in your radiator good luck

Is a 1994 Jeep Laredo radiator interchangeable with a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee both are V 8?

No. They are not interchangeable.

Is 1994 jeep Cherokee Laredo radiator interchangeable with 2001 jeep grand Cherokee both are v 8?

No. They will not interchange.

What causes 1994 Grand AM SE Air conditioner to blow hot air when driving slowly in town but very cold air when getting on highway at speed of 55 or more?

Make sure the radiator fan is turning on when the AC is running.

Where is the location of the thermostat on a 1994 Pontiac grand prix?

if you take the cap off of the radiator it is in there actually no its not. follow the top radiator hose to the engine. that is where your thermostat is. you will have to drain the radiator, remove the engine side of the hose and remove the thermostat housing to access it.

How do you replace a radiator on a 1994 Suzuki Sidekick?

Remove the radiator hoses from your 1994 Suzuki radiator. Remove the radiator stabilizing arm retaining bolt. Remove the radiator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new radiator.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L?

Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet; your thermostat is in here. Mark

1994 buick park avenue ultra the radiator cooling fans keep running with engine off is there a relay or fuse if there is please tell me their location thanks tony?

That could be normal operation. The fan is controlled by a thermal switch. That keeps it from boiling over if the radiator is hot after the key is turned off. If it shuts off after it cools down, I wouldn't worry about it. There is a caution note on the radiator that says the fan can start up at any time.

Where is radiator drain plug located on a 1994 Lincoln Continental?

Drivers side of radiator at bottom of radiator.

How do you reset the low coolant light on a 1994 Grand AM V6?

its useful to add fluid to the radiator and itll reset itself ,,,,,,,,, check coolant temp sensor.

Why does smoke come through the vents of your car when running the heater on a Grand Am 1994?

Means that your heater core is leaking coolant. Has to be replaced.

Where radiator drain plug on a 1994 cavalier?

Should be at the bottom or rear of radiator or remove lower radiator hose

How do you remove and replace the radiator in a 1994 ford F-150?

Answering "How do you remove and replace the radiator in a 1994 ford F-150?"

Why does a 1994 Chevy Astro Van motor keeps running after ignition is turned off?

The blower resistor is internally shorted to power and needs to be replaced.

How do you drain the coolant in a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

***IF*** it is the same as the 1997 2.4L Pontiac Grand Am:The coolant drain plug will be a small plastic plug at the bottom of the right side of the radiator. It was very hard to find, and I ended up removing the radiator hose because I couldn't find it. You will probably not be able to see it from the bottom of the vehicle. I found it to be on the right side of the radiator as you are facing the engine from the front, about one inch from the bottom of the right radiator tank.

Where is the radiator plug on a 1994 grand prix gtp 3.4l?

it is on the back side of it which is towards your car it looks like a wing nut, it is on the driver side i believe, but not 100%

Where do you find the radiator drain cock on 1994 Beretta?

On the drivers side bottom of the radiator.

Can a 1994 Honda Civic radiator fit on a 1994 Honda Accord?


Where is the radiator drain on a 1994 S10 truck?

Bottom of radiator, or possible on the lower hose connection.