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My first guess would be that you have a sizable vacuum leak some where... Check to see if you can find any vacuum hoses that have disconnected or that may be cracked or split.

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Fuel tank capacity 92 Suzuki Sidekick?

Suzuki Sidekick from 1989 - 1996, had an 11 Gallon Gas Tank. I had thought it was smaller, since when I was at the empty mark, could only put in about 9 Gallons, found out my Gage was off, and I had 2 gallons to spare!

Where could you get a layout of a fuse box for 1994 Suzuki Sidekick?

== == this may be correct. Owner's manual.

Can a 1800 16 valve and automatic with overdrive from a SideKick or Tracker be installed in a Suzuki samurai What would be involved in this conversion?

The Sidekick 1.6 Liter 16 Valve conversion is by far the most popular. The 1.8 conversion could be done but they only used that engine for a couple of years. It is not a popular engine. I have the 1.6 conversion is a 1986 Suzuki Samurai. The major components are: Transmission adapter to connect to the Samurai transmission. Engine mounts from Sidekick Oil Pan and Oil Pick-up needs to be cut down unless the Samurai is raised to allow room for front axle. Computer and wiring from Sidekick must be installed into the Samurai. All of the engine controls, air filter, MAF, high pressure fuel pump. There is a speedometer conversion as well. It adds a magnetic (reed) relay to the speedometer and lets the computer know when the car is moving. -EVERYTHING- moves over from the donor vehicle including (most times) the third member gears because they are lower than a Samurai. Samurai=3.73 Sidekick (auto)=4.62 Sidekick (Man)= 5.12 All of these items can be purchased separately from several Suzuki aftermarket suppliers on the web.

Why antifreeze in oil suzuki sidekick could it be the intake manifold?

No, it couldn't be the intake manifold. The only way is if it was the head gasket or the trans. cooler in the radiator. But that's only if you have an automatic transmission.

Who was Chuck Norris' sidekick?

Chuck Norris. Only he could be his own sidekick.

Where could a person buy a Suzuki in Reno?

One can purchase a Suzuki in Reno at several different places. A person could buy a Suzuki in Reno at a Suzuki dealership in Reno, or one could purchase a Suzuki at a used car dealership.

Where could someone purchase the sidekick model of cell phones?

A person could expect to purchase the sidekick model of cell phones by paying a visit to the local wireless provider and seeing which of the sidekick models are available.

Could you hack your sidekick id to get free internet?


Can you get a free Sidekick?

The Sidekick mobile phone is costly. It is unlikely that you could get a free one unless you win a contest for which it was the prize.

Where can you get a torque converter or a complete transmission for 1995 suzuki sidekick js?

I just changed out a transmission in my 1995 Suzuki Sidekick, and I have the torque converter in my garage from the transmission I got from the junk yard. Should be good, and you could have it if you want to drive to St. Louis to pick it up. But call around to the local junk yards. Most of them pull out the transmissions from any vehicles they get in that have been crashed. It took me a couple phone calls, but found one the first day I looked.

What causes Suzuki sidekick to stall out when applying the brakes?

It could be a leaking vacuum hose to the power brake booster or the membrane in the booster could have a hole. When the brakes are applied, the booster is opened to the engine vacuum via the hose. The vacuum leak would then increase, causing the engine to stall.

How do you turn off the sidekick on midnight club la?

wish you could..

How much oil is needed in the transfer case and gear box of a suzuki vitara 1989 and rear diff for that matter. Could be called a sidekick in states.?

My book told me to fill them until it started running out of the transfer case and differencial. Worked fine for me...

Where can you purchase a sidekick 3?

you could probably buy them at T-Mobile stores

Who is the sidekick of soulja boy?

ARAB You could include Bow Wow too.

Could sidekick lx be activated with metro pcs?

no don't think so

Can you flash a t-mobile sidekick to at and t?

The Sidekick is flahsed to T-Mobile. You would have to unlock it first and then you could move it to AT&T, however, you would need the unlock code.

Suzuki sidekick 1990 the ecm is fine and the fuel injector is fine but the car doesnot start what could be the problem?

If it has no spark, then could be ignition coil or ignition control module. If spark, then fuel related. Would need to check fuel pressure. If the fuel pump is in the tank then should hear it hum for a few seconds when turning key to on.

Where can you get a list of Engine Diagnostic Codes for a 2002 Suzuki XL7?

well i would post the type of code that you have and i could help you ,you could also try your local suzuki dealer

Where could one buy a Suzuki Jeep?

If you are looking for a Suzuki Jeep, you might want to check your local Suzuki store. If you are looking for an used car, you might find something on Gumtree.

On a 99 Suzuki sidekick the right tail light won't work even with a new bulb and new fuses what could be wrong?

check the wiring harness underneath the tail gate. I had the same problem. almost a foot of wire was split open and severely corroded preventing my brake light from working.

Who is Tramm in the Teen Titans?

Tramm is aqua-lads sidekick he fixes the ship and is very could with tech.

What type of vehicle is a Suzuki Jimny?

A Suzuki Jimny is a 4x4 vehicle that one could use for everyday driving or as an off road vehicle for a bit of excitement. It has been in production by Suzuki since 1968.

Where could a person buy a Suzuki Katana?

The best place to buy a Suzuki Katana motorcycle is from the official Suzuki Katana website. Alternatively these motorcycles can be purchased second hand from online auction sites such as eBay.

What phone companies can you use the sidekick for?

Probably Tmobile bc my cuz had tht fone and she had tmobile but could be wrong?