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The Suzuki Sidekick was a rebadged first-generation model of the Suzuki Escudo. It became available in 1989 as a two-door hardtop or convertible, in 1.3-liter JA and more powerful four-wheel-drive JX & JLX trims.

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Suzuki Sidekick

How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1989 Suzuki Sidekick?

make a steering wheel puller

RULE 1, all cars, DEFEAT ALL AIR BAGS first , can kill any mechanic.

89 dont have them but... other read this and get silly.

pull wheel. (yes, the plastics, come off, that is on all obvious, no ?)

yes remove the big nut first, and yes, like all cars, use a center punch and mark

the center shaft and wheel so you dont have to do the drive and find center trick.

wheel off.

loosen bottom 4 nuts where column hits fire wall . (at toes) 4 turns each,about.

remove top and bottom covers plastic.

remove column clamp. bolts 2.

column drops.

see antithieft bolts on top, take a small cold chisle and wack them ccw.

they unscrew. , remove lid.

pull switch assembly from column.

now you can work on it. no other way. its is anti-theft protected so pin locks are on the rear.

the puller is , a flat bar or angle iron (HRS) you drill 2 holes that align with

the 2 matching holes in the wheel. the buy 2 long metric bolts. ACE hardware!

bingo , a puller.

details 2, some guys must ham fist it off, banging hard upward with too fits.

wear a hockey mask so nose dont get broke.

this poster below never read my list, it says "remove top and bottom covers plastic." not clear?

Getting started part 1First thing u need to do is remove the plastic from around the steering column and after that u should be able to see the ignition switch inside their and.... well i dont know anything from here on out. good luck.
Suzuki Sidekick
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Suzuki Sidekick
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Timing and Firing Orders
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What is the firing order for a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick?


CCW , rotor, 8valves

CW rotor rotation on 16v.

Suzuki Sidekick

What would cause a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick to knock and surge when it is cold but not after it warms up and how do you fix the problem?

i hade the same problem with mine turns out mine was caused by the distributer being faulty. not sure if it is the same with yours but it is worth a try. if that does not work try testing your O2 sensor or idle sensor.



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Where is the tilt steering and hood latch on a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick?

There is no tilt steering for a sidekick, but the hood release button is in the glove box. Then the latch is under the hood after you pressed the button. I have tilt steering on my 1995 Sidekick. There is a lever on the left side of the steering column. it releases and locks the column in place where you want it. And yes, the hood release is in the glove box.

Suzuki Sidekick

What would cause a Suzuki Sidekick 89 to have problems shifting into 3-4-5-R?

5sp;? yes, you did says stopped or moving or upshifting or down shifting , so .....?

can be clutch or linkage.

slipping clutch

1 test.

follow my 1 inch rule. if that passes , tranny is bad

does not pass , then cable is bad , worn siezed or free play wrong.

these cables go bad at 100k , they wear a grove inside and bind.

just replace it for $45 new at Suzuki or Auto zone buy a LUK (tm) cable.

I forgot to say the #1 reason for bad shifting (not clutch)

is the plastic parts on the tip of shifter lever. is bad gone or nearly worn out.

part #27 here


suzuki p/n here.

If it shifts in and out of 1st and 2nd fine, I would suspect that your shift linkage is either loose, bent or jammed.

the acid test is to shift it by hand like this.

or by moving part #30 (2nd link above) with just shift lever removed.

Suzuki Sidekick

How do you set the ignition timing on a 1995 suzuki sidekick?

the same way as 91 to 98 suzuki's
with the timing freeze jumper,
and the sticker under the hood, look up, behold. data.
the freeze jumper is located in the Engine bay DLC.
diagnostic Logic connector.
in front of battery
and in 96 ,moved to behind right front head light shell.
and if a 1.8L engine , next to left front strut tower.

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Where is the starter located on a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick JX?

right rear lower part of motor. at bell housing.just like most cars. no diff.

right = drivers perspective.

if you look from the front, the starter loceted under the manyful, deep down.

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Timing Belts and Chains
Suzuki Sidekick

How do you install the timing belt for a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick?

see timing belt section. for both motors , 8v and 16v.

It is a pretty big job and if you want to tackle it I suggest you get a manual from a parts store for about $18 and it will have pictures and everything. You also will have it for the next repair. Good luck.

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What would cause missing when driving and at idle speed in a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick?

;tune up the car, cap,rotor,wires,plugs and air and fuel filter.

then evaluate

Could be a timing issue. Timing may be off. Also check your spark plugs. If the engine has a timing belt, the timing sprocket may be wore out on the crankshaft. The timing will be off, loss of engine power and missing at idling speeds.

I have the same year and model as you.Same problem.I changed my spark plugs ,rotor cap and rotor.The problem still persisted, then I changed my spark plug wires and voila all was ok afterwards. Your gas filter may also cause that problem,so get it changed also. Good luck and merry Christmas

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How do you replace spark plug in a 1996 Suzuki Sidekick?

Fist step is to remove the top cover over the top of the engine, and then remove the ignition coils (one for each cylinder, and then you need an extra deep slender spark plug socket to go in and remove the actual spark plug. The ignition device is approx 5" long and just pushes into the top of the spark plug.

the answer if for suzuki sport 1.8L (you forgot to say motor type)

the 1.6L vastly more common

you twist the spark plug wire boot on to of spark plug , this is on top of valve


then pull

then out comes boot and wire

then you attach a spark plug socket to your 3/8" driver ratchet

then blow out the spark plug well with shop air so sand dont fall into engine.

if oil is inside well the Valve cover gasket is bad.

then unscrew the spark plug CCW

then with a 1/4" id rubber hose fish the spark out of hole.

some sparkplug sockets have rubber plug retainers and some times works.

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How to pack front wheel bearings on 1993 suzuki sidekick?

== == they are however crush bearings and need a special tool to set torque to 155lbs.

89-98 covered here.

the tool is $80

== == 1993 and later use a sealed cartridge wheel bearing which is not repacked, only replaced as a unit...A locknut sets the bearing preload at 180 ft/lbs.. To replace, slip mark and remove hubs, remove lockplate, locknut, trust washer, and seal. Remove Hub and Wheel bearing snap ring and then bearing will probably need to be pressed out of the hub.. It is involved...(Get a good manual or a good mech)

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What are the torque specs for head bolts on a '94 Suzuki Sidekick?

the correct answer is:it must be torqued in stages.

49.5 is too low for either motor.

and there are 2 motors and the procedure varies by motor.

there is a TSB effecting this spec.

go to above page , click on sequence link.

note carefully there is a loosening seq. for 16v motors.

aluminum heads need TLC.

please dont guess.

torq spec is 49.5 foot pounds

Suzuki Sidekick

What causes for a Suzuki Sidekick to idle at 5000 rpms?

if this is the 8valve engine.

the Dashpot vacuum device must not be actived on a running car (after 10seconds)

or the VSV to it is malfunctioning. (this device DP is behind the throttle body)

or lost vacuum to it .

on 16v, the IAC thermal air valve most not be stuck open hot, it must be closed hot.

100% make sure coolant hits 180F (150f is threshold) or the IAC will fail.

and scream it will.

All 8v engines scream for ANY vacuum leaks. Speed density tech.

all 16v scream cold but go lean and stall for vacuum leaks. (unmetered air rules)

look for a vacuum leak on top of the intake towards the front. on mine it was the line connected to the two valves attahed to valve cover.mine is a 1989 so i don't know if yours is in the same place but it's either a vacuum leak or the idle speed control.a

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How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a Suzuki Sidekick Sport?

The lights on the Sidekick simply twist out from the rear of the fixture. Open the hood, unplug the wiring assembly, and twist the light bulb assembly about a 1/4 turn. You can then pull the light from the headlamp housing.

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Where could you get a layout of a fuse box for 1994 Suzuki Sidekick?

== ==

this may be correct.

Owner's manual.

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What do you need to do when your 20 inch Murray 4.5 will not start even though you have spark in the plug lead and oil and oil filter and spark plug were changed and you have gas?

Check the outlet from the gas tank, the fuel line, and the carburetor for obstructions.
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How do you adjust the idle on a 1992 Suzuki Sidekick JLX?

== ==

what engine. there are 2 and both are different.

but the answer is , adjust the idle bleed screw on the throttle body in both cases.

but high idle , means something else is wrong.

re post , what motor you have. 8v or 16v

== == == == Try this web site, It's for the 1993 suzuki swift but there is also specs on the sidekick as well. Otherwise your local library should have service manuals that you can make copies from. Other than that your local auto partsstore should have Chiltons brand manuals for sale. Hope this helps!!

Suzuki Sidekick

Where is the vent hole for the automatic transmission you cannot find it in the manual for 1993 sidekick?

the A/T vents are on top of the tranny, and go to a high water vent tube high

center on the fire wall, (ive overhauld 3 sidekicks ground up)

here is proof.

in fact the 4wd has 2 tubes on top merging to 1 tube and a breather. cap.

you can go underwater deep and not get water in to this breather.

the 3 speed, see it?

the 4 speed, see them across the top?

tell transmission speed 3 and 4 , and can show any part.

The vent hole for an A/T is the dipstick tube.

Suzuki Sidekick

Where do you find the fuse block on a 2000 Suzuki Esteem?

It is under the hood on the drivers side. Close to the windshield. The Suzuki Esteem, has two fuse blocks. You can find one of them under the hood, on drivers side, but it's another one under the dash, drivers side right side to the hood opener handle.

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Where is check engine reset button on 1991 Suzuki Sidekick?

pull dome fuse above knee. in fuse box. pulling battery makes ecu relearn everything. dome fuse resets memory only.

Maybe just disconnect battery for a couple of minutes and it will reset

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Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1989 Suzuki Sidekick automatic?

It is located on the passenger side of the transmission where the shifter cable connects on the transmission.

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On a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick JLX is fuel pump located inside or outside the tank?

More than likely, the pump is inside the tank. You may want to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.I need to know why I can not get fuel to the engine . I have put on a new pump .The pump is working but not getting any fuel to engine

Suzuki Sidekick

How do you change both belts on a Suzuki Sidekick?

I just got done doing this on mine! be aware though, mine dosen't have air conditioning! and it is a 97 jx! First, you have to loosen the power steering pump, it has a swing bolt on top and a short bolt located right behind the power steering pully. You will need a 3/8 socket wrench with a 12mm socket and fit it between the spaces on the pulley as the bolt is only accessed from the front of the pump. this bolt is just under the pulley shaft. You can see the bolt from under the car. My pump was set at the lowest point of swing and then had a belt put on (factory). I had to pry it off! I replaced it with the next size up so that putting on the new one would be no problem. The other belt is easier, you have to loosen the top swing bolt on the alternator and the bottom bolt, then just loosen the alternator and the belt will come off. NOTE: you need to use the 3/8 on this one too and the 12mm socket if you can, but be aware that the engine mount is right in front of the bottom bolt and gives you very little room for movement you will need to be on that bolt straight or you risk rounding off the bolt. these bolts seem pretty soft. well i because i didnt have this info, i found out the hard way!!!!!!!!!


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