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Where is the leak at? Engine?

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Q: 1996 7.3 liter diesel fuel leak?
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Why heater on 1996 diesel ram smells of diesel?

Most likely a fuel leak under the hood.

What would cause fuel leak on top of engine?

fuel leak on top of what type of engine, gas or diesel?

Why does your diesel engine race by its self?

usually there is a fuel leak internally however it can also be an air leak

How does diesel get in to oil in an engine?

You've got a leak in your fuel injection system.

Why does my 5.9 dodge diesel runs rough at 2100 RPM?

If your dodge diesel runs rough at 2100 RPM it is probably starved for fuel. Have the fuels filters changed and / look for an air leak in the fuel system. My 1996 had rusted fuel lines on the top of the fuel tank. cost about $600. Canadian to repair.

Is there a way to repair a small leak in a diesel fuel tank without taking it off and welding it?

You can try to repair a small leak in a diesel fuel tank without taking off and welding by using specially made putty.

Can diesel fuel on a 6.5 Chevy leak into oil pan?

I suppose if you had a leaky injector it could.

What is the diesel leak off for on an injector?

The diesel leak off is for getting air out of the system should you run out of fuel. It is very difficult to get the diesel engine restarted after running out of fuel as compared to a gasoline engine which is relatively easy. Once you have run your diesel out of fuel, the injectors must be primed for you to have even a chance of getting restarted. So, VW/ Mercedes owners, keep that tank about a quarter.

What would make a 1995 Chevy 6.5 liter diesel leak fuel from the fuel filter bowl?

I've been trying to find that leak myself. I found that 2 fuel lines with loose hose clamps at the filter cannister, and also found a loose fuel filer. It is still leaking from bottom of cannister, I'll be removing it this weekend and fixing or replacing the fuel filter cannister.

What would it costto fix 7.3l diesel leak in the fuel heater how much to fix it and does it need to be fixed right away?

what would it cost to fix a leak in a 7.3l fuel heater

What makes my 1997 7.3 diesel fuel leak behind engine?

the return fuel line is more than likely leaking

Your 6.2 liter diesel has a gas leak near the injector the gas is dripping from by the throttle lever where could that leak be coming from and how do you fix it?

Diesels don't use "GAS"!!!!

Why does your 1996 chrysler concord smell like fuel in cabin?

The first thing to look for would be an exhaust leak. Check for a fuel leak on the top of the engine.

Why does your diesel truck smell strong?

Your fuel system might have a leak if the strong smell is similar to the smell of refuelling. Or the exhaust might have a leak allowing fumes to get in the cab with you. Diesel fuel has a strong oder if burnt in a rich mixture an in under hard acceleration.

Why isn't Diesel isn't going into fuel pump peugot 106?

A bad fuel pump will cause the fuel not to flow into the fuel pump. Another cause can be a leak in the fuel line.

Mercedes 250 diesel fuel leak?

you can buy a fuel tank puncture kit. you need to drain the fuel tank so it can be completely dried. everything u need to fix the leak is in this kit. the kit costs about $10,but is well worth it, and if you follow instructions on the packet it works. i fixed leak in f350 diesel tank with same kit about 3 years ago and have not had a problem since

Do High pressure diesel fuel pump leak on 2002 santa fe?

YES they do and all have this fault .you need go to diesel specicalty and skim and new gaskets

What is an evaporative emission system leak?

It is a vapor leak in the fuel system. Starting in 1996 vehicles check for leaks down to .020 inch.

How do you repair a fuel leak on the fuel pump outlet line on a 1996 dodge ram gas 318?

Install a new line.

Cold start and air in fuel in 2003 dodge sprinter diesel?

You have a low side fuel system leak. Normal causes are the o-rings on the lines and fittings at the fuel filter.

Does the diesel fuel pass through the clutch?

No, it doesn't. Some vehicles though may have parts of the fuel system so located that a leak can cause diesel to enter the clutch housing anyhow, basically by the fuel dribbling down the side and back of the engine.

How do you fix a leak in the fuel pressure regulator of a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

fuel press. regulators often leak because the seals dry out. it is easy to replace the regulator and it should come with new seals.

Ford 1997 F250 super duty diesel Where is a fuel leak most likely coming from if leaking under the bottom middle of truck chassis?

Odds are a fuel line.

Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from a diesel exhaust leak from the engine?

Yes, you get carbon monoxide poisoning from a diesel exhaust leak from the engine.

Can diesel leak from a starter motor?

yes if there is hole in the diesel tank in motor