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I had that happen n I changed my plugs n coil pack...easy to do

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2012-07-04 00:25:44
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Q: 1996 Chevy cavalier Z-24 and when you scan the codes reads misfire on cylinder 3 what do I do?
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What is obdll code 3 for Buick century?

Most obdii codes are multi-digit, such as po300,po301,po302, etc. Etc. Po300's are usally misfire codes pertaining to the same cylinder...code po302 is a misfire in cylinder #2. A po300 code is a random misfire for any cylinder

What is a 2002 Expedition Cylinder Misfire?

Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE...

What vehicle identification numbers have the engine misfire for the 2005 Chevrolet Colorado?

Stop by there are different people that have had that problem. you can probably message them personally and see how they got to that problem. P0300= Random/ multiple cylinder misfire detected P0301= Misfire detected- cylinder #1 P0302= Misfire detected- cylinder #2 P0303= Misfire detected- cylinder #3 P0304= Misfire detected- cylinder #4 p0305= Misfire detected- cylinder #5 P.S. These are Diagnostic trouble codes, not vechicle id numbers.

How do you test a ignition coil pack on a 2003 Chevy silverodo?

I found the easiest way to do this is read the codes, if it is reading a misfire on one cylinder, then swap that coil pack with one of the other cylinders coil packs, then you will have to clear the codes and drive it, then see if it throws a new code on a different cylinder.

What are the obdII Codes 0128 and 0303 on a 2004 Chevy Impala?

DTC P0128: Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) below Thermostat regulating temperature; DTC P0303: Cylinder 3 misfire detected.....

Diagnostic codes P1320 P0305 P0420 for 2000 Nissan Maxima?

P0420 Catalytic Converter is bad p1320 misfire P0305 - Cylinder 5 Five Misfire

2001 ford explorer sport diagnostic codes P0304?

the code p0304 is cylinder 4 misfire detected

On a 2007 Saturn ion 4 cylinder what do the codes p1174 and p0300 mean and what do you need to fix them?

p300 is a misfire

What this 2 codes means P0306 and P0118?

I'm not positive of the P0118 but i think it has to do with the engine coolant, but the P0306 is for cylinder 6 misfire.

What do these codes mean diagnostic code P0171 and P0300 for Chevy truck 2004?

Trouble code P0171 means: Fuel Trim System Lean (Bank 1) Trouble code P0300 means: Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

Your Chevy Cavalier engine light is on?

It has set a trouble code. Have the codes pulled at a autozone or oreilly auto parts.

Service Engine Light Blinking on and Off on a 2002 Chevy Tahoe?

I have heard this is a misfire on a given cylinder, but other things can cause this as well, so, pull and read the stored codes to assist. Any auto parts store, mechanic, or dealership can do this.

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