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Hey Scott==Check the cat convertor. Put a vacuum gauge on the engine and see what vacuum you have at 900rpm.It should be about 18 inches. Then rev it to 3500 and it should not drop over about 5 inches. If it drops to 8 or9 inches and stays there at that rpm, the conv is plugged. GoodluckJoe

Sometimes this condition is caused by a dirty fuel filter.

It depends on what you mean by "loses all power". If you mean the electrical system stops working (i.e. engine quits, no lights, etc.) then it could also be caused by a dead alternator or battery, broken alternator belt, bad electrical connections, etc.

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Q: 1997 Geo Metro loses all power when driving what is wrong?
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Why does your vw jetta lose power while driving uphill?

If a Volkswagen Jetta loses power while driving uphill, one possible explanation is that the mass airflow sensor has gone bad. Another possibility is that the intake manifold could be clogged. The only way to know for sure what's wrong is to take the car to a mechanic.

What is wrong with a 2013 Chrysler 200 when it loses power and smells like rotten eggs?

One thing that could be wrong with a 2013 Chrysler 200 when it loses power and smells like rotten eggs is the catalytic converter needs to be replaces. When a car has a rotten egg smell, this is usually the cause.

Your 1986 corolla loses power at 60 mph What is wrong?

Sound like a transmission problem. Check your fluid first.

What is wrong with my 95 Toyota Corolla engine loses power when idling?

A 95 Toyota Corolla engine that loses power when idling can have a number of different things wrong with it including clogged injectors, a dirty fuel filter, or fouled spark plugs. Performing a standard tune-up will often resolve this issue.

Your car died when you were driving it what is wrong with it?

If it lost all power it could be the battery connection.

Whats wrong when a car labors shakes and judders and also loses acceleration power?

fuel filter could be clogged or the fuel pump is going out on it.

Chrysler excelorator loses power and slight backfire?

this can be caused by , bad plugs, bad coil, dirt in the fuel system or timing could be wrong

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What is wrong if I lose power in my car while driving the radio goes then the engine shuts down?

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How fast do you think a 1998 Geo Metro LSI can go without overheating the engine?

You shouldn't be able to overheat a Geo Metro unless there is something wrong.

What could be wrong with a manual Geo Metro that will fire but will not start?

Getting fuel? yes

What would cause a 1994 Buick Park Avenue to lose power while driving?

It could be the spark plug wires that's what was wrong with mine.

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What is wrong with your 2004 Dodge Neon It loses power going uphill and that's with the accelerator all the way down hooked up to a diagnostic computer showed no codes?

It is most likely your spark plugs. Check those out, sounds like your losing power.

What is wrong if your 1994 Geo Metro jerks when you try to keep at a certain speed?

Change the T.P.I. thotle possition indicator. I had the asame problem on my 1994 geo metro.

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What is wrong if your car loses power while driving and backfires and when trying to restart acts as if there is no battery power will start with another battery and yours starts another car?

Could be in need of a tune up... carb and timing adjustment. New plugs,wires,rotor, dist cap.Tune ups are needed on a regular basis ussualy once a year depending on the amount of miles you put on the car? The charging system sounds o.k but tune up may be in order.

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whats wrong if my car wont shift to the next gear automaticly when its driving

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