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coolant temp switch or fan relay are bad.

2007-01-15 17:28:55
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89 Toyota pick up high beams go off when turned on?

Bad switch or wiring problem.

Why is my 1989 Toyota overheating with new belts new water pump?

Not 100% sure about the Toyota truck, but I had that same problem with a late 90's Chevy. Turned out to be the clutch fan ($25 part) after I had replaced almost everything in the cooling system.

How do you know if it is the ignition switch or your solonied that is bad in a '88 Ford truck?

Is the selenoid getting power when the switch is turned to the start position? If yes, it's not a switch problem. Is power coming THROUGH the switch and to the starter when the key is turned to start? If not, it's a selenoid problem. If yes, it's a starter problem.

If the parking lights stay on after the car is turned off which causes car battery to run down on a 1991 Toyota Camry how do you fix this?

Turn the stupid headlight switch off. DeeDeeDee I have the same problem with my 87 Camry. You need to change the stop light switch.

What could be the problem if a breaker trips when the light is turned off?

A short circuit in the wiring or in the switch.

Why does a light switch make scratchy noise when turned off?

Light switch is a very cheap device, just replace it and there is no problem anymore.

What should be checked when the AC is turned on and there is an electrical smell?

I had this problem in my 1991 Suburban. It turned out being the A/C, Vent, Heater switch having burned contacts. Had the switch replaced and smell went away.

If door switch is not the problem why does dome light stay on?

Perhaps you turned on the interior lights when you were adjusting the headlights?

What causes electrons to flow when a switch is turned on?

An electric field causes electrons to flow when a switch is turned on.

How do you disable Toyota Sienna factory alarm?

I had this problem a month ago. After I disconnected the battery to clean it, the alam went off when it was reconnected. The owner manual said it would be turned off when the van is unlocked with the key or remote control. This did not work. If you have a valet switch (a small toggle switch under the dash) you place the key in ACC or ON and turn the switch to the opposite position. Hope that helps.

Why does the blower motor of a 1992 Buick La Saber stay on after the car has been turned of?

Overheating at the Fan Switch merges contacts inside. Replace the switch and the problem will go away.

Why do your taillights stay on a 92 Toyota corolla after car is turned off?

Tailights or stoplights? Stop lights could be a defective stop light switch Tailights could be either parking lights are left on or a defective switch

When a light switch is turned on what travels through the wire?

Current flows through a wire when a light switch is turned on.

Why does your 1992 acura legend cooling fans continue to run after your car is turned off?

Most cooling fans will stay on for a minute or so after turning off the car in warm weather. If they stay on past a minute or so, then there is a problem.

Where do you find the fog lights in a ford focus to switch them on?

When you have your head lights turned on (the switch turned to the right all the way), pull that same switch out towards you

How do you turn off the check engine light on 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

Repair the problem that turned it on and then clear the code with an OBD2 scanner/code reader

How do you remove a stuck key from igniton?

I had this problem and it turned out to be a dirty park switch located in the console shift (automatic), that releases the ignition in park. The mech cleaned it and the problem never returned.

What if your headlights on your 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee intermittently turn on and off while the Jeep is turned off and the lights are on the auto setting?

( AUTO HEADLIGHTS CYCLE ON AND OFF WHEN THE VEHICLE IS PARKED AND TURNED OFF (with headlamp switch in "Auto" mode) The problem is most prominent on 1999-2001 WJ's, but it could apply to the 2002-2004 WJ's. The problem could be in the switch. The switch is a multiplexed circuit, the resistance of the HEADLIGHT ON position is very close to the AUTO position; the switch has been updated to correct this problem.

When a switch is turned off should the load be zero?

The load will be zero after the switch is turned off. if power is still being drawn then the switch is quite likely faulty

What is the problem when a car starts but shuts off when you release the key in the ignition switch if you keep the key turned a little it keeps running The car is a 1988 Ford Tempo?

Probably a bad key switch.

Why does starter continue to run when key is in lock position on a 1987 Ford F-250?

It is probably caused by the ignition switch internals shifting (I had a similar problem before) and it turned out to be the ignition switch)

How do you fix switch that blows when turned off bathroom lights and fan?

If you have any condition in your bathroom where a switch is malfunctioning you need to replace the switch or the device that is causing the problem. This is very dangerous in a bathroom because of the increased danger of shock because of moisture.

Dashboard lights on 1989 new yorker went out whats the problem?

Dash illumination brightness control switch is turned off or the fuse is blown.

Location of ignition starter switch for 1985 ford f150?

The actual problem is the starter continues to turn after key is turned off and pulled out of ignition.

The radiator cooling fan is not working on a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu Why does it only turn on when AC is turned on?

You need to check the cooling fan relay and the cooling fan only turns on when needed.other then when you turn the ac on then its always on.The reason the fan runs with the air conditioning is "on" is to keep the high side pressure down. Otherwise it would increase to the point of something blowing out such as a hose or the pop off valve in the compressor. If the check engine light is "on" the it will have a code referring to the problem